Cold Porcelain Cuties

It was fun to work with Cold Porcelain.

After my first failed attempt with the Hello... err.. Kitty , ahem..

I decided to persevere and managed to make a passable Teddy bear... it was not perfect, , few unintentional marks, that I did not know how to smooth away...and a slight crack on the back of an ear because I did not knead the clay enough... but it was progress ....

I was sooo excited , that I did not wait for the glue under the nose to dry . And I gave teddy away, so No chance of more pics..!

The Kitty was mainly to observe the effect of painting Cold Porcelain with acrylics .

Miss Piggy was a locket for my little one, who adores pink.

I made her a mouse , too..he did turn out looking a bit grumpy, though.. What do You think?

She could not wait till I was done taking a picture... so her little hand is in there too..!


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