More Customizing - for an Outfit

I love giving gifts that are very personal. My sis had come for a visit from the US. So when I went to visit her, I decided to gift her some dress material for a Salwar kameez. Best part was, that I could make her h Custom Jewelry to go with it...!!

It was a lovely dress with beautiful pastel shades and an off-white dupatta..

So I made a simple necklace, that would compliment the neckline of the outfit. I had a good collection of crystals in matching pastel shades,and I decided to use seed pearls to match the off-white in the dupatta...

The earrings, I made with frames in white metal.

This is the set, with the dress material.

Maybe someday, she will manage to send me pics of herself, wearing a few of the pieces I make for her... !


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