E - Earrings with copper scrolls

I enjoy making scrolls, and this is an earring,  I made, while trying out my hand coiling technique.

The scrolls are made with hand coiled copper wire. There are 4 components to the earrings. Three made of wire, and the 4th, a single bead.


Ist step - Fashion 2 ear wires in 20 gauge copper wire. Keep aside.

2nd step -  Take approximately 6 cms each, of two 18 gauge copper wires . (make sure the beads you choose have big enough holes for teh 18 gauge wire to pass through.)Hand coil one end till about 2 cms are left.(approximate - if the bead is bigger u need a longer tail). Repeat.

3rd step - Take 10 cms each of 18 gauge copper wires. Make a single loop on one end. Hand coil the other end in the opposite direction till u get an 'S' shape.


Take coil with the 2 cm, straight end (2nd step). Bend near the coil till it forms a 'U' shape, with coil on one side and straight wire on the other. Pull  the straight end through the single loop (3rd step)..
String the bead on the straight end.  Press the coil and the bead together. The 'S' shaped loop should swing freely. Make a loop with the free end coming through the bead. Cut off excess.

Hook the ear wires through these loops. I made the bottom scrolls face each other because that appealed to me.

Will post the step by step pics .


  1. Are they heavy?

    1. Not at all :) ! They just look that way... :)

  2. I enjoyed this so much...I have nominated YOU for the Liebster Award! Remember, no tag backs. Go to my site (http://viewsofanoptimist.blogspot.com/) to review the eleven questions for you to answer.


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