T - Teddy Bear : Cold PorcelainTutorial Link

As I mentioned before , this was my first decent effort on a making an animal in Cold Porcelain. You can see  right away, that it is a beginner's work.. still, it thrilled my daughter ..so it was a win in my book ..!

There are plenty of tutorials around..and this is the one I used, for my basic guidelines...Click HERE for the tutorial given on the site Cold Porcelain Tutorials.

I almost NEVER exactly follow any tutorial... In this instance, I was also severely limited due to the fact that I was not too familiar with Cold Porcelain .

Guess I have to make another go at making a Teddy Bear.. 


  1. I will HAVE to learn how to do this, your teddy is so cute :)

    1. Thank you... It is a good project for a beginner ..:)


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