Copper wire and Green Beads - Wavy Necklace

Next to Cold Porcelain, I'd say copper wire is my favorite jewelry making element. This is a very delicate necklace.

I just cut out lengths of copper wire in pair. Did not even make the segments all of the same length..just to make it more interesting.

But I managed to shape similar 'wavy' patterns on each pair, just to keep a slight control.. a sort of uniformity, while still looking a bit 'off the cuff' ...!!

Hammered the wire after shaping, though I left the two dangling pieces just so...

And it was sold withing a half-hour of posting it.

Best of all, it suited the wearer to a T.. just making things perfect !!

Now I have to make a pair of earrings to go with this necklace. Will post that later. 


  1. Beautiful design Swapna! Love the whimsy of this

  2. I haven't worked with copper at all. So the wire won't turn your skin green? I remember having cheap copper jewelry as a kid that always turned my skin green.

    1. Hi Jojo..before I started working with copper, that was a concern for me as well.. but I have some pieces I made , for more than a year now, and they look great ..- no green so far ..!! The copper can be treated too.. right now, I actually put a coat of varnish when I want the color to remain just so. other times, I let it be..


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