Tiny Elf

It is nearing Christmas season and the creative world especially, have been putting out the festive works , as early as October...it is tough not to be excited by the cute gingerbread houses and other lovely creations.

I have wanted to work more with Cold Porcelain but right now making things on a bigger scale is not very feasible. The disadvantage with a clay that needs to air dry, is that it needs dedicated space for the curing process...right now, my work space, storage, curing space and everything else is one table...which makes it tough for working on things and leaving them at different stages of production, which is the only way to have things to post often enough..

My solution is to make miniatures..which I have been doing already, and they do not take up a lot of space . So I got down to making an elf, in keeping with all the Christmasy vibes ...

I did not give the elf a typical Christmas colour. And I made her in a sitting position so that she can give someone company, on a box or book, or even the edge of a table or countertop. She had lovely bronze hair..and I made her cap separate and did not fix it on her head. The total length is about 1.5 inches.

Guess she could be a writer's, or an artist's elf..since Santa's elves and shoemaker elves are the traditional career choices. It is not easy to walk the untrodden path, but the journey would hold more surprises and make life more interesting... So why not?..



  1. I am amazed at the detail for such a tiny little project! Well done! She's so cute!


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