Mini Bookworm Woes



Yet another Bookworm. Now sculpting a generic figure , is becoming easier than earlier. But the next challenge is mastering expressions. I tried a worry wart expression. An elderly book worm lamenting the fact that books are getting replaced by Kindle and tabs!

I caught it straight from the wriggly one's mouth. ! He looks all bent out of shape! Hehe

Kindle??? Reading 'apps' ?

How is a young bookworm to know?

What is a young one to gnaw?

The flavourful musty tomes,

The crispy, crinkle of the new

Oh woe ..oh woe....


The woeful bookworm is 2 inches long while his perch is 1 and 1/4 inches long, and less than an inch across.

I don't think the plight of books is as bad as he thinks! But since he was in no mood to listen, I left him wallowing. So do you think he looks worried? I would love to know your thoughts.



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