Monday, 20 May 2013

Finally ....A pic

I finally got the pic from my lovely sister-n-law...modelling the Cold porcelain necklace and earrings that I made, to match her outfit.

The link of the post with the details, is HERE.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Featured Crafter on Heart Handmade Blog

Mandie of Heart Handmade Blog, has selected me as the featured crafter !!

This is the first site I have been featured on, and hopefully, not the last !!

It is a great site for crafters, with tutorials, information about a lot of talented people and their work ..

Here is the link to my interview...

I would love to know your comments ...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

At Home...

Vacationing is a hard job too... with temple visits , engagements functions , shopping for trips, and so on... !!

The best part is that we get to spend it with family...
I could spent the entire vacation just playing with cousin's adorable 9 month old twin girls !!! Will post their pics soon...

Meanwhile, I have plans to visit some shops which supply beads and other stuff, for my jewelry making..

Also a visit to the famed Hill palace Museum, a trip to the Fort Kochi area and a few more usual haunts are to be squeezed in ...!!!

Our daughter on a lovely carousel .. 

Monday, 6 May 2013

A - Z Challenge ..My Reflections...

One thing I definitely know about this challenge, is that it was meant to be - for me.. !

I just happened across the challenge just a day before it was to start.. so preparation was NIL. I actually did not have any idea as to what I would be posting about.

 Upon ..Ahem... reflection...., I decided to stay true to the posts that I was already doing on the is a new blog..and I had been posting about the jewelry I make, my Cold porcelain experiments, some tutorial links that I had tried out and the result of my attempts, Book reviews , and introduction to some fabulous artists..

..maybe if I attempt the challenge next year, I would be better prepared with a theme..

Amid st a lot of personal turmoil, I stuck to the decision to complete the challenge..and I have to say that I feel a sense of satisfaction for having done so.

These are my posts for the A - Z challenge, in case any of you missed it :P !!

A - Art : A calling
B - Beaded Flower pendant
C - Cold Porcelain
D - DIY 'smile' tool
E - Earrings with Copper scrolls
F - Floral Finding
G - Goodwill : Liebster Award
H - Heart WIP
I - Inspiring Artist : Doreen Kassel
J - Jewelry redesigned 
K - Key chain : WIP
L - Love these quotes
M - Making Polymer Clay by Carol Blackburn
N - New Earrings 
O - One step closer to completion : Doggy key chain 
P - Power Shortage
Q - Quest for the right accents : Green glass beads with antique accents 
R - rings : My first trial 
S - Surprise Gift : Doggy Key chain
T - Teddy Bear : Cold Porcelian Tutorial Link
U - Unexpected Holiday
V- Vivid details via phone
W - Wire and Bead : Necklace and earrings
X - Xiting days Ahead
Y - Yay on getting this far
Z - Zen

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A - Z Challenge Survivor Badge

Proud to sport this badge... it was definitely a challenge and I am glad that I coped and stuck to it till the end..