Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Creative Space

I have had quite a few of my friends and family request a sneak peek into my creative space..
Let me say that it has just been re-organised for the umpteenth time..and actually does not look a lot different from maybe, an office space, except for what is on the open shelves.

This is IT .. !! My work space.. When we renovated the home, I wanted a space with a Bay window. So had to sacrifice an area for a balcony. We r on the first floor. But I don't regret it.  I have a granite slab on the desk. I asked for open shelving above . 

Above the shelves, is a good storage space. The top shelf contains a lot of my beads in the transparent boxes, wires and other supplies. It also has my Cold Porcelain clay, and display stands.  The second shelf has my supply of Acrylic paint jars, Paint brushes and seed bead collection. I have not used a lot of store bought storage. The tiny glass jars are empty acrylic jars that I have cleaned and re-used .  The boxes at the end contain my sculpting tools, blades and various cutters. 

The jars of paint that I use now.. as you can see, this is something I cannot resist. I have near;y every shade. The ones I have kept upside down, are normal colors. The row of jars in the center are silk fabric paints. The jars with metallic tints are metallic powders . And those kept right-side up, make up the last two rows are pearl metallic colors. 

Thankfully, I thought of a pull-out board to work on, and it has proven invaluable! I do not have to move the laptop to work.  The left side of my work desk has draws, while the other is a door . It holds two shelfs which is where I keep my hoard of all the art and craft books. 

My collection of color pencils ! Actually more than half are my daughter's discarded pencils. When she gets a new box , the others are 'not useful' ..so I get them .. Lucky me ... !

The first draw has more painting stuff and stationery. Oils, color pencils, sketch pens, calligraphy pens, pastels.. Believe it or not, they were actually organized, but within an hour my daughter decided she wanted to borrow the red scissors , and... :P !!
 I had no energy to do this again.  There are two more draws. the second contains my jewelry pliers, cutters, ring mandrel and such stuff . And the last one has my sewing tools and camera and tablet accessories.  

Lastly, the draw beneath the window seat. I keep my drawing papers - A3 size in this ..and stuff like sandpaper and my glue gun. The small doors on either side have my measuring cups and bowls that I use to make my Cold Porcelain. 
... SO now, my space is organized, and everything is in it's place. The 'before' picture can be seen HERE.  Now comes the tough part !! Keeping it just so !! I hope you like it.

I am sending the link of this post to Sharyl with my apologies .. !!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Two Sets , Custom Made

The past ten days seemed like a life-time !! I had a custom order, which was not the tough part. My daughter had her finals , and teaching a very restless 7 year old is no fun..

The best part of the past ten days were the distraction of making the two sets .. It was for a teenager, but something she could wear for years yet ...

The first one is a lovely sandstone necklace with the stones shaped like discs. I teamed them with spheres in acrylic, with lines running across. I also managed to find German silver spacers with lines running vertically.

The second necklace was in ruby red , with German silver leaf shaped spacers in an antique gold finish. I glossed up both necklaces with a coat of Ren wax. Just seemed to make the stones and the metals shine a bit extra.

Meanwhile, teaching art has started me itching to renew my painting also.. I wonder how I will manage all the things. I really have to find better time management skills !! 

And worse, I have managed to undo all the progress I had made for the clean-up in these past 10 days.. ! Now I have to start again and organize my space before I really start on any kind of work. !!

Does this happen to you? I really do mess up my work space when I am busy... :P 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tutorial Link - Easy Clay Ring with a Drawn design and my WIP

This ring tutorial was posted by a very generous Polymer clay artist and Jeweler called Monica Resta. This is the link 

All her tutorial videos are very clear and easy to follow.. . I decided to try the ring as soon as I saw the tutorial video.

So I have made the ring in Cold Porcelain, but decided to do the chunky ring slightly different. Her lovely hand drawn design does look great.. but in my version,I have given some impressions..
Since it is a thick ring, my air dry clay is taking some time to cure properly.

SO right now, it is just plain white with a some patterns on it..   But the pattern was not visible when I photographed it..So I have rubbed a pastel chalk on the flower impression to make it a little clearer.

Loads more to do.. but first , it has to cure properly...  So waiting for that.. meanwhile two more projects to be done within the week.. AND , my daughter's finals coming up... So busy days ahead ...

Managed to finish the ring with a few more details.. I first roughly painted the ring with a beige. Then added a few dabs of brown to give an aged feel. Sandpapered the surface to a smooth finish - and the end result was a lovely distressed look. 

Then I added flowers in a relief style over the earlier flower impressions. Studded with stones. Also added light green leaves. Also touched up the edges of the flowers with Bronze metallic paint and the leaves with copper tones.. 

Here is a slightly more close-up view. I sealed the ring with Ren Wax . Happy with the matte look, yet with a  slight sheen .
Cold Porcelain handmade Jewelry

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sharyl's " Clean-up, Fix Up Your Work Space" Challenge and Blog Hop - Only the 'before' pics

When I signed up for Sharyl's Challenge, I was sure I could make it , since she had given ample time for a great clean up..

But , as usual, I forgot that March 1st come with two days short , in February... so I did manage to click the 'before pics, and also tidied up my stash of beads. But it still does not make the Clean-up complete.. so I find that I cannot post my 'after pics' until I have done the rest of it too.. !!

I have been blog hopping and have reached just half-way..the transformations are amazing. !!

This is my Work space.  It has a lovely bay window, with loads of natural light. I did not give add any window dressing because I love all that sunlight....

We had our home renovated,couple of years ago, and I had a cabinet maker do this space for me. Two overhead shelves to keep my bead and paint supplies. The granite slab  is where I keep my Lap top. This is where it gets mostly messy..and the Bay window seat..where stuff just piles up ..

 There is a big pull out draw under the bay window seat, which is just filled with things - everything that I think I do not need on a daily basis , and left over material from previous projects, end up inside that. 

There is one more window opposite my work space, which seems to be littered with things like old bottles, etc..

Once I am done, I will definitely post the pictures..

I would love any suggestions to better my work space.. or what YOU would add to it.

Meanwhile.., here is the list of participants of this lovely event. Apologies for not making it on time..

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