Monday, 26 October 2015

Floral Finger Ring...

Wire work finger rings are fun and elegant . And the design possibilities are endless. I made a triple coiled ring and secured it by making a twist and adding coils to the protruding ends. Pretty much like the one I had done to gift my mom with.

This time though I used 18 gauge jewelry wire in silver colour .They were slightly softer than I required..and so I used nylon pliers to harden them up a bit. I twisted the ends slightly different from the earlier copper ring because I has a specific idea on how to adorn it with the Cold porcelain elements..
So here is stage 1, done..!

There are many ways to add the cold porcelain elements..form the floral elements and leaves in advance and then add vines. I find that adding cured elements to uncured do not give the smooth finish that was wanted here.. I coiled Cold porcelain into vines in the same pattern as the wire . Formed three leaves, though they are not very visible, I always like to add details even if they are subtle.



I handformed the big flower first and positioned it over the knotted coil. Then there was only a tiny loop to cover, so I made a tiny bud to go over that space..
Since the flowers and vines are delicately formed, it was not long to air dry. So the next step was to give the colour....Recently, I had been experimenting with country style colours and tints on my Cold porcelain work..but for this, I wanted to replicate the lovely original porcelain look. So I kept the rose colours to a minimum...just the hint of a blush... Even the vines and leaves were just touched with a hint of green...
Finally gave a tiny line of gold to the edges...Delicate all the way through..


Friday, 16 October 2015

Accessories To Match An Ensemble...

It is not very often that I get the urge to make jewelry that match an outfit...mostly , in my case, it is the other way around.. I acquire, or lately make jewelry, and I mostly get outfits that compliment rather than exactly match the piece..or I even have more than a few outfits that go with my favourite necklace or earrings...

This particular instance, I had gone out to get a nice outfit to wear for a very dear and cute nephew's first birthday..

It was a beautiful ethnic style kurtha in black with some antique copper gold print...and I found these wild and vibrant patialas in blues and green with black accents on them...

With a lovely closed collar, a necklace would not have done much I decided to do an earring to tie the whole look of ethnic with the wild colours.

I got out some beautiful antique gold coloured filigree beads. And teamed it with green and blue translucent beads interspersed with some opaque jet crystals... Pretty simple design actually !! But it was a fun exercise ..

So do all of you pick your jewelry, or the outfits?


Monday, 5 October 2015

Miniature Snail In Cold Porcelain

It was just last week that I finally took out my Cold Porcelain supplies. Unlike my beautiful studio back in Chennai, my work space is a table top where every supply I have would vie for space.. so I have to be careful to keep a lot of my stuff away.

I use a foil covered container to dry some of my smaller creations..The whole lot of tools in the transparent container were gifted to me by Meire generous...!!

I sculpted the little guy by hand...decided to add the colours later... Finally have a handle on how to get the delicate shading I so adore..and the country style look... This is how he looks after the Cold Porcelain was totally cured.

I used a skin colour for the base coat for the snail and then gave accents in yellow, orange, brown and a very faint green. I also gave light blue irises for the eyes.

This is a collage of the snail from various sides..

As a child I used to love collecting stuff like this..I used to have two very cute mice that came along with a picnic basket , mat, cutlery and dishes. Wonder where that disappeared to !

Now, being able to craft stuff that I adore is even better ..

This tiny guy is just an inch tall..