Sunday, 28 July 2013

Inspiring Artist : Afsaneh Tajvidi....

Some artists just grab your attention from the get-go, while some take time getting used, to , and then it is like a revelation...just tuning into their creativity...

Afsaneh Tajvidi is the former kind... her creations, be it jewelry, clay work, her illustrations , are all just so stunning.... and her styling sense and photography are works of art too... !!

She is a Canadian artist , of Iranian descent , and the moment I landed on her blog, I was hooked... !. I would describe her style as soft, and utterly feminine...there is a grace and a sweetness in her work, and the few times I have chatted with her on Facebook, makes me think that that reflects who she is, as a person too...

She has an Art Blog called Joojoo.

Animal alphabet in progress

As you can see..this is the cutest Vulture that I have ever seen... and he stars in the Alphabet series she is doing....  Afsaneh also shares some easy recipes and glimpses of her home n this blog...

And if you are not interested in any of the a fore mentioned things,  you can still go through the blog just to see some fabulous photographs...

Crystal . Love

I know that I was driven to improve my picture taking skills after I started following her blog...!!

Her clay snails are really cute and she has an Etsy shop. Just click on the link for her blog and all the info is there..

Just looking at her pics lifts my spirit... And I really need it now because the stalling, and formalities over my camera has been extended to another week..

Meanwhile I am thinking of trying out Instagram..have any of you used it? what say you?

Monday, 22 July 2013


I have good news and bad news....!!

The camera is a total write off, but since it is in the warranty period, the shop will have to reimburse us , or replace the camera.

But there are a lot of formalities and it may take a few more days before we hear anything from them... !!

I am no good with taking pics on a mobile phone.. come to think of it, the pics from my camera were not so spectacular either..haha...

Anyway, after waiting so many days, I have decided that I will wait the few more days and post pics with my new camera... if things go as planned ,fingers crossed...

Meanwhile, I have made 3 rings in copper wire, and a couple of earrings with silver and acrylic beads.

I have got an order of another copper wire earring pair and a necklace..

So have been sketching out a few ideas.

Am trying not to let the delay get to me.. and to make more so that I will have a lot of work to post by the time I get the camera.

Also planning to visit a few blogs that I have been following...

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Jewelry photography woes !!

Since the past month when my camera went bust , I have been increasingly aware of the fact that my pictures are not (almost) always great !!..

People mostly comment that all my creations look better in real life than in the pics..

On one hand I am happy, that they don't look THAT unappealing, because people order them after seeing the pics...and are pleasantly surprised ..! But on the other hand , it is becoming increasingly evident that I have to sharpen my skills in that department ..:P !!

So I have been looking through a lot of articles..and actually I have been feeling slightly alarmed at the information / expertise out there and also if I could actually follow any of them...

Finally found a few I liked on The Beading Gem's Journals. It is a great blog with a lot of amazing info and inspiration..

Here are the links to a couple of tutorials I really liked ...

1. Natural Light Jewelry Photography with White Backgrounds - HERE is the Tutorial link

2. Jewelry Photography set up tips... the link is HERE

Both of these are really easy to follow and tick all the boxes as far as I am concerned..simple equipment and easy to set up..

So now all I have to do , is wait for the people to return my camera... !! It has a busted motherboard according to them... :( ..

Meanwhile, I am sure there are more tips and tutorials that u favor , or that some of you can share... if so ..please send me the links... I absolutely have to improve my skills...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

7th Birthday and a handmade gift

7th July is a special date for us. Our daughter was born that day, SEVEN years ago....

We usually celebrate her birthdays at our parent's home in Kerala with all of our relatives...but this year, having lost our uncle, we decided to keep it low - key . So my parents came to us in Chennai....

She has a lot of thoughtful uncles, aunts and cousins, not to mention doting grand parents ... so her gifts started arriving in June itself..

And the rest were sent with my parents . So the final tally was pretty good :)... I guess at this age, they do look forward to their next Birthdays,  as soon as one is over ...!

My folks bought her a birthday dress...which absolutely matched the little surprise gift that I had made for her...

I had a  plain ring that fit her finger . SO fashioned a bed of green leaves over it. Then made a flower with the petals slightly large.

Made the fairy separately. She is actually kneeling, though that is not evident. I made her dress resemble rose petals and a collar of green.

Gave her long brown hair and tiny white wings, with a touch of sparkle .

Since my camera is under warranty , and the damaged part was not in stock, I have been taking pics on the mobile... NOT my comfort zone.. I like to stick to electronic items that I am used to...!!

Yet to get a decent pic of my daughter modelling the ring.... She loved it.. Her favorite colours, a ring and a tiny fairy too...

Friday, 5 July 2013

Earring, and a pearl bracelet

As I have promised , I am posting an earring I made, that was not part of a set.. I had some lovely pink crystals and teamed them with German silver findings with an antique finish. Also had some beads  with mottled green look .. somehow they all worked well together, in my opinion...

I wanted to make a few earrings with bead weaving techniques, but was side-tracked by my folks dropping in for a visit. It was a special occasion - our daughter's 7th birthday.

I gifted a pearl bracelet to my mom... She is a great fan of pearls and corals ..

The inclusions have red and green enamel work and are studded with stones in a traditional Indian style. Which suits my mom's tastes. 

I have also finished a tiny finger ring for the birthday girl. But that is a different post ..!!