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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Z - Zen

The completion of a challenge is bliss.. No to mention the fact, that I am starting a well-deserved holiday. ..The anticipation itself, has given me a state of Zen !

Big congratulation to all of you who have managed to complete the challenge... I am really happy I could..

And a HUGE thank you for the new followers I have managed to acquire...especially JoJo ,who comments for all my posts.. Thanks a lot...

To tell the truth, I have not been able to visit a lot of blogs like I had wished to, at the start of the challenge..
But I will be visiting more  blogs now, since I have a more leisurely pace in the coming days.

I made a choker-style necklace, for my daughter, with the Cold Porcelain rose. Since her wardrobe is predominantly pink, I am sure that she can wear this for a few outfits.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Y - Yay..On Getting This Far... !!


I am not getting ahead of myself... we will be on the way to Kerala while this post gets published .. I had to get the last post done in advances and scheduled for posting so as to complete the challenge.  

So It is not out of place, to be thrilled  about the fact... 

I had decided not to pressure myself, but try to do the posting as normal as possible, while keeping to the rules of the challenge.

Other than a couple of days, when I was stumped a bit on how to do the titles, I have to say that it was reasonably okay to adhere to posting everyday...

And now I am off for a nice, and hopefully very happy holiday. The last months had been very emotionally taxing on a personal front, and de-stressing is something I am looking forward to..

After doing this challenge, I have to say that I am more productive when I push myself to post and keep a schedule... So that is one thing I learned about myself... 

This is a work in progress... I made a Cold Porcelain Rose for a pendant and two tiny flowers for studs. 

Saturday, 27 April 2013

X - Xciting Days Ahead !!

Our daughter's annual holidays have begun and we are off to Kerala in a few days.. so it is 40 days aof family time, with three weddings to attend, with two of the brides from our family  itself...!!
 So shopping, ...loads of family time, fabulous food..especially mom's home cooking, and visits on the agenda...hopefully, I'll get to visit a few places I have had on my sight seeing list for ages now...

Meanwhile, I have been also checking over the jewelry I have to take.. will be using more of my traditional gold pieces for the weddings... still there are a few pieces in my costume jewelry collection that I would be taking too.. 

These beautiful Jimikkis had a fault with the ear wires and I did a re-design . Added ornate beads and changed the ear wires. Now they look perfect for a saree ,or our traditional Keralite outfit - Set Mundu. 

So watch this space for x-citing reports of the coming days !!

Friday, 26 April 2013

w - Wire and Bead :Necklace and Earrings

I usually make most of the necklaces with tiger tail. But I wanted a stiff and collar-like look for this one, so decided to use 22 gauge copper wire for the stringing. 

I made the earrings weeks ago, but got down to making the necklace only 3 days ago. I just gave a small focal center, with the same ornate, traditional Indian style beads with some crystals. Decided to contrast the necklace portion with two shades of green and gold seed beads...

This is a gift for another bride ... wedding season here... !

Thursday, 25 April 2013

V - Vivid details via phone...!! Floral necklace and Earrings..

Our last get - together , I wanted to gift my sister-in-law, some handmade jewelry.

When we talked on the phone, she told me that she had a lovely new outfit and it would be great if she had a customized set for her.

She sent me a couple of pics, but the details were not clear and I thought the outfit was blue.. but Manju told me that the outfit was green...

So after a lot of discussions, we decided that it is better the that there be just a tinge of the main color... decided to make it blue-green to be on the safe side...

And made the motifs in the accent colors of Magenta, pink and raised detailing in dull Gold. Studded with Gold tinted stones.

 The chain was made with Glass beads in Ochre, with majenta seed beads in between.

I used the smaller flowers for the necklace and the bigger ones for earrings.

And the whole set.... Finally when we met , all the colors were actually spot on... I had delayed posting this project till I had a picture of my sis-in-law wearing both the outfit and this set..but looks like it is going to take a while !! So I decided to go ahead and post it... 

It was a nice surprise to see how well we coordinated and finalized the details via phone...Hopefully I'd be able to post the proof of that, one day ...!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U - Unexpected Holiday !!

I had just wrapped up a new project yesterday, and was wondering how to post it with 'U' ...for today...

My daughter came home from school and told she had a holiday ..

It was not in the printed schedule in her school diary.. so I had to check with another parent...

Somehow, an unexpected holiday, right in the middle of the week, is not unlike winning a small lottery !!

It is a bit more work definitely and nothing we have scheduled for the week gets done on time...but I just love it ....

So the post intended for today is put off for another day ...

And today I am all set to enjoy time with my daughter.. some crafts, some studying and maybe combined cooking experiments...

And I hope,.. the makings of a good post for another day...

You have a great day too.. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

T - Teddy Bear : Cold PorcelainTutorial Link

As I mentioned before , this was my first decent effort on a making an animal in Cold Porcelain. You can see  right away, that it is a beginner's work.. still, it thrilled my daughter it was a win in my book ..!

There are plenty of tutorials around..and this is the one I used, for my basic guidelines...Click HERE for the tutorial given on the site Cold Porcelain Tutorials.

I almost NEVER exactly follow any tutorial... In this instance, I was also severely limited due to the fact that I was not too familiar with Cold Porcelain .

Guess I have to make another go at making a Teddy Bear.. 

Monday, 22 April 2013

S - Surprise Gift : Doggy Key Chain

 It is a great pleasure to give gifts that suit a person to  T... even better when the gift is handmade . ..

And it is the icing on the cake, when it is handmade by us...

It was my brother-in-law Nikhil's birthday... and he gives a lot of encouragement to my efforts in creativity. ..he especially likes my Cold Porcelain work.

So my sister and I had been conspiring to give him a nice surprise on his birthday...
He loves dogs, and  he doesn't miss  his gym work outs .. So we decided a weight lifting doggy would be apt... and it is... 

I had to put the bar bell in one hand ..because the miniature doggy's paws would have been gigantic otherwise..
I also inserted a copper wire in the bar bell so it would take the load of the key chain.

With the Key chain

And my 6 year old, made this card.. she patiently waited three days for the flowers to be pressed. Then designed and wrote on the card herself. Once it was done, she realized she had written a few of the letters in the opposite way... so a bit of pondering on that problem... 

And then an instruction - 'see in the mirror ' .... !!! Done !!!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

R - Rings: My first trial

This is the first ring I made from copper wire. I studded it with a black bead and white seed beads. Also added a few black and white crystals as a hanging piece.

It is adjustable.

How is it for a first trial?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Q - Quest for The Right Accents : Green Glass Beads With Antique Accents

 I bought these lovely green glass pearls more than a year ago.. I am not usually a fan of green by itself.

I love teaming green with other colors... But these glass pearls were a unique shade of green and I did not want to mix them with some other shades .

And so, ...I was on the look out for something that would complement and impart an elegance to these lovely beads.

I guess my quest ended when I found these beautiful wire balls with an antique gold finish.

I did not complicate the design either... and I like the end result....

Would really love YOUR opinion, though.... !!!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

P - Power Shortage ...!

Posting everyday, is a challenge in itself ..and now there is a new hurdle to  get over...

Chennai is suffering from a power shortage..for the past 5 days, it has been at least 5 hours or more of shortage.. including the daily 2 hours that we have been dealing with, for the past year..

Chennai summers are difficult enough to get through with ACs and staying indoors... and it has just begun...

Today it is going to be a straight outage from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.

So it's going to be one loooong day !!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

O - One step closer to completion :Doggy Keychain

The miniature doggy for the Key chain is almost done... Now all I have to do , is fix the key chain, give a few more finishing touches, and then apply varnish.

Click HERE to see the first post I did on the key chain.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

N - New Earrings

I just made these earrings today...I had some lovely mother of pearl beads in teardrop shape. So Hooked a few crystals and then used a 20 gauge wire to hook through the beads and attach the ear wire. 

Meanwhile, I have three projects that are in progress... so will be posting them in the coming days. 

Monday, 15 April 2013

M- Making Polymer Clay by Carol Blackburn

Carol Blackburn is a Polymer Clay artist who makes stunning beads and jewelry. HERE is the link to her site.

For any jewelry artist who wants to add clay bead making to his/her repertoire, this book will be a great asset. The step-by-step illustrations and the explanations are very easy to follow..

Not to mention, the fact that there are a huge variety of techniques  .to make beads and also to mimic leather, and a variety of stones and even bone and ivory pieces.

And that is not all.. there are a lot of ideas and projects given to make some stunning jewelry and she has also given tips to finish off the pendents and other jewelry in a professional manner..

I consider this book a great buy ..

Saturday, 13 April 2013

L- Love These Quotes..

WOW..50 posts done..

Here are some quotes that I love.... enjoy ..!

The next one is a fun quote ... Classic Calvin & Hobbes...!

This one sums up my feelings about the arts, very well...

There are quite a lot of lovely quotes ...but the next one is from Disney ...and I LOVE IT !!

And this one makes a lot of sense...

Which is your fav quote? Do tell...

Friday, 12 April 2013

K- Key Chain :WIP

Keeping it simple today !!! K is for A key chain . It has a doggy and is just half done.. ! This is the work in progress ..

Watch this space for the finished version.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

J-Jewelry re-designed

A jewelry designer is no stranger to jewelry re-design. I adore semi - precious stones, and love to wear the stones strung simply, without any other inclusions. 
About 4 years ago, my husband bought me a string of large sand stones, and also malachite. Months ago, while visiting a friend, her baby just hung on to my sandstone necklace and it broke.. 

I kept it for a while wondering whether to re-string it or go for a re-design... 
When I came across these lovely German silver beads with a filigree design, the decision became easier..!

So here are my simple sandstone beads re-designed to a more glamorous avatar....

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

I - Inspiring Artist : Doreen kassel

I am just happy to be a part of an age where there is so much available information at our finger tips...I could do without mobile phones in a pinch,...but I love the kind of connectivity the internet provides...!!

Mostly because I get information and inspiration from so many many extraordinary talents around the world...!

I saw the work of Doreen Kassel via the Facebook..and from the first look at her creations, I have been her fan...

Her 'uncommon creatures ' are surely that ..and sooo adorable...

She lives in Hopewell ,New Jersey. She does wonderful illustrations..and HERE is a link to her illustrations.

And this is just an example of her clay figurines. the vibrant colors, life like expressions and the individuality is very inspiring...If i manage to create some work even half as good as her's I will be a very happy person..

She makes ornaments, jewelry, lovely music boxes ...the list goes on...

This is her Website . Click HERE

Her work has been used in  books, and magazines, greeting cards..etc and as inspiration for toys.
And she has some prestigious clients like HBO, National Geographic, UNICEF, Smithsonian, People magazine, and Newsweek.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

H - Heart, WIP

This is a work in progress... I am trying out the 'faux filigree' method. This is just the first stage . I have just created a frame in shape of a heart. I did not use an extruder. Rolled out the clay by hand. 

  Will upload pics of the stages as soon as it is done.

Monday, 8 April 2013

G - Goodwill : Liebster Award.

Goodwill is important for a blog and the blogger. It manifests in many ways, as a dedicated following.. personally for me, the comments that I receive for my posts are the best way. Even if it is a two word comment, when I see comments, it helps me feel inspired, and urges me to do better ...

Another way is to be given an AWARD .! I have been awarded the Liebster Blog Award from the blog Views of an Optimist. 

A big THANK YOU..for that !!

The Liebster Award has gone through quite a transformation, as it has been passed down... Almost all blogs have asked the link back, while I have been asked not to... !! It is said that it stands for everything encouraging and nice for budding blogs... So apt for mine !!

The rules are as follows ....

After a lot of searching, this is the conclusion I arrived at ..The main idea of the Liebster Blog Award appears to be an attempt to offer public recognition to relatively new and unknown bloggers and blogs...

These are the Rules nominees are supposed to follow:
1. The Liebster is given to bloggers  who have less that 200 followers.
2. Each blogger should post eleven facts about himself or herself.
3. Each blogger should answer the eleven questions that are asked by the person doing the nominating. (I reduced this number) 
4. Choose eleven new bloggers to nominate for the Award and link to them in the post.
5. Create eleven new questions for your nominees.
6. Go back to their pages and tell them they have been nominated.
7. Link Back to the blog that awarded you.

I did change the last rule of No tag backs, to the opposite, because  for a new blog, the link backs are really important... 

11 facts about myself

1. My family and friends are my first priority..
2. I prefer tangy things to sweet..
3. I hate to go shopping for clothes, or groceries.
4, I can spend days in a craft supply store, a stationery shop or a library.
5. I feel more happy meeting an Artisan, than a celebrity...
6. On a weekend, while in college, I once went without food for more than 48 hours while I read 18 books    back to back...ah bliss !!!
7. I still cannot say which is my favorite color!!! I love a lot of them..
8. Country and folk art is addictive and inspiring
9. I love visiting homes that are centuries old.
10. If I could afford it, I would get a massage everyday !!
11. The best gift anyone could give me, is a book... 

A)   Comedy, Reality TV, or Drama?
Comedy - but I really like Crime series .
B)    Cat or dog?
C)    Hilltop or valley bottom?
Both..!  Each are beautiful in their own way.
D)   Coffee or tea?
E)    Do you have an artistic routine?  Ie: do you create an outline or scratch illustration first?
Not always, but I sketch as and when inspiration strikes
F)    How long have you been pursuing this artistic venue?
As far back as my memory goes..
G)    Is this your first Liebster Award?  If not when was the first?
Yes it is..
H)   How many blogging sites do you typically participate with?
4 or 5 so far
I)    What was the impetus to pursue writing/photography/prose?
I am a Cold porcelain artist... I found I could fill a lifetime, exploring the various possibilities of this amazing medium.. I make jewelry too.
J)    Which artistic venue is your second choice?

My Nominees are :

1.Lia Edwards - Drawn to Creativity

2. Shalini Chandak - Craft Island
3. Lori - Lori Moon Studio
4 Lilian - Lilians Art Studio
5. Sally Rose - Sally How2
6.Lynn - Creative Magpie
7.Padmini Satish - Daily Painting
8. Eydie Kugler - What We Create
9. Cheryl BM - Inspirations Studio
10. Elissa- Elissa's World
11. Prerna - Artoholic's Lair

Congrats to all of you... !

To pass on MORE goodwill, I have decided to ask just a few questions  on things that I would love to know  about you....

1. What is your favorite creative process and the medium you use the most?

2. Who has been your best support ?

3. Have you faced discouragement? How did you deal with it?

4. Give the link of one blog/blogger that inspires you creatively.

Have a great day...

Saturday, 6 April 2013

F- Floral Findings..

Findings are a very important part of jewelry making.. down the line, we do manage to make or alter findings to make our creations more personal.

I use handmade ear wires and also Cold Porcelain beads, spacers etc..

But it is also true , that I keep collecting a lot of findings whenever I can them ...!!!!

Sometimes, the findings are so nice, that they become the highlights of the piece.

I found some flower shaped findings with an antique gold finish .. they were big enough to make into earrings.. and I just did not feel like adding any beads to them... 

Friday, 5 April 2013

E - Earrings with copper scrolls

I enjoy making scrolls, and this is an earring,  I made, while trying out my hand coiling technique.

The scrolls are made with hand coiled copper wire. There are 4 components to the earrings. Three made of wire, and the 4th, a single bead.


Ist step - Fashion 2 ear wires in 20 gauge copper wire. Keep aside.

2nd step -  Take approximately 6 cms each, of two 18 gauge copper wires . (make sure the beads you choose have big enough holes for teh 18 gauge wire to pass through.)Hand coil one end till about 2 cms are left.(approximate - if the bead is bigger u need a longer tail). Repeat.

3rd step - Take 10 cms each of 18 gauge copper wires. Make a single loop on one end. Hand coil the other end in the opposite direction till u get an 'S' shape.


Take coil with the 2 cm, straight end (2nd step). Bend near the coil till it forms a 'U' shape, with coil on one side and straight wire on the other. Pull  the straight end through the single loop (3rd step)..
String the bead on the straight end.  Press the coil and the bead together. The 'S' shaped loop should swing freely. Make a loop with the free end coming through the bead. Cut off excess.

Hook the ear wires through these loops. I made the bottom scrolls face each other because that appealed to me.

Will post the step by step pics .