Monday, 30 September 2013

Pin it - Hover button : DIY link

I am not so good at blog design, but I do love trying out some of the hundreds of really lovely tutorials out there.
I love Pinterest and there are many instances where I wish there was a Pin it button on a blog.

So after seeing quite a few tutorials, I decided to add a Pin -it button to all the pictures on my blog.. they are predominantly my own, and where they are not, I have take care to mention and given credit.

This is the link to the tutorial I used and it is fairly easy even to  me. Pinterest Pin It button on Image Hover  from BloggerSentral.

I am planning to put a Pin it button on each of my blog posts too.. as soon as I find a tutorial that is easy enough for me, to follow... !!

As for pics on my blog that belong to others, I have linked the individual pics to the original sources.. I hope that works.. If not, I'll have to make changes ...sigh..!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Blue pottery - inspired earrings

In my earlier post , I had mentioned the earrings that were featured, inspired by Blue pottery of Jaipur.  So here they are ..!!


The decided to use the cold porcelain without tinting . The first pair of earrings, I decided to shape into long , but fairly similar shards of pottery . I kept them white and just drew the cobalt blue designs that are predominant on white pottery.. similar designs on corresponding sides . Here the earrings above show one view of each side . 

The next pair of earrings are made of short , squat beads, that are cylindrical in shape and formed by hand.
These are colored with a vague floral motif , but mimic the blue, yellow and hints of black.

I used small white discs to give a lift and multi-faceted , double shaded beads below. The ear hooks are German silver.

Tried out a new varnish..sadly it had a very light tint of yellow. So the pristine white of the cold porcelain does look a bit marred in the first pair. Have to keep that in mind next time..

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A New Year !!

This Picture is from the internet. 

Another year older ..and the past one has been very eventful . Ups and downs abounded..

We faced a few situations where we were made to realize how very precious and fragile the people in our lives are ... my dad and husband falling ill, losing a beloved uncle unexpectedly... having to cope with the pain and void he left behind in all of our lives..and still struggling with that , months later..

On the other side, I have been finding long -lost friends and cementing friendships... new friends whom I have never met from various parts of the world, sharing a common interest in creativity..The absolute pleasure of exploring my own creativity and sharing it with others... I feel that I have ticked a few of my personal goals ..

And my birthday gifts have been unexpected and very very special, from my husband and Sis -in -Law.. and the sheer number of handmade cards from my little one, along with her usual bracelet and necklace gift ..:)  Also more than a hundred people wished me via Facebook and private mail and calls..  I feel happy and loved !!

I am someone who never takes much for granted.. So my resolution for the year to some, is to work harder, appreciate every moment and my dear ones..and feel thankful everyday.. Oh yes!..and to be better and consistent at blogging ...

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Guest Editor in Bead Chat Magazine.!!..September 2013

I guess someone up there is being generous to me !! And I have to thank Facebook for playing such a role in  helping me get in touch with such brilliantly talented people ... to have them on my friend's list and also to interact with them..!! The best thing is that they are in a different part of the world..

It was a chance chat on FB, with Melinda Orr , that led to this...I was blown away by the Bead Chat magazine, when I saw it on Artisan Whimsy...When i mentioned that I would be interested in contributing to the magazine, I did not think it would have such a big part in it...
and I have to thank Melinda Orr ,and Cynthia Machata  for being so receptive of my article and ideas.

And though I knew a few weeks back, that my work would be in the magazine, I did not expect it to be included a new series called places, not that I would be mentioned on the cover itself !!

It was an article about the Blue Pottery of Jaipur and a few of my pieces in Cold Porcelain , inspired by it.

An earring of mine, was also featured in the series, called Vineyards.

The brief was jewelry with leaves. These are lovely ochre shade crystals with German silver leaves.A simple 

The Blue Pottery inspired pieces were a miniature tile in Cold Porcelain and two earrings.

The flower motif was found on some old tiles of blue pottery. I modified the look of the leaves and added a few stones to add interest.

I will tell about the Blue Pottery inspired earrings in another post. Meanwhile, the link to the September 2013 Issue of the Bead chat Magazine, will be found in the side bar.