Monday, 24 November 2014

Technology Woes !

My poor Toshiba laptop was on it's last legs the past few weeks.. A nearly full C drive, is where it all started . I am not all that tech savvy, though I persevere and try to make sense of the amazing amount of information that is available online. Usually, a hitch is solved painstakingly going through a lot of tutorials .

This time though deleting every file in sight, and then some, clearing the recycling bin, nothing seems to work..and everything seems to slow down.

Once I made up my mind to get a new laptop, though, the final deletion seemed to work some.. but anyway decided to go ahead and get a new one.. after 7 years , and still with Windows vista on it, it worked like a champ.. ! or maybe I do not have very high demands..anyway, we made a good team !! am sorry to see it go..

Got a new Acer Laptop, with Windows 8.1 and I cannot believe the difference.. ! I just hope that this one also works well for me.. I am not one for the latest technology and speed..but more about fit and feel..wrong thing to say in this era, I guess..but I am happy to plod along at my pace, given there are the few things that I need, to keep editing and posting pics, and a few creative things besides..

It has been a few vexing days, unable to load any pictures or keeping the internet on, as it was getting disconnected every couple of minutes...

The last picture I edited on my Toshiba laptop was for my Facebook page, as a Cover photo..

It is a fairy on her tiny flower, a la Thumbelina .. I have set it on a finger ring frame, and gifted to my daughter. All her favourite colours, pink, yellow and purple.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Black and Silver elements - Earrings

Silver and black are again a popular and striking combination. I had some frames too.. .I was trying to challenge myself to make the designs as different as possible -  with the same frames and the same color combination.

The middle design was made for a purple and black outfit. So I used long black tubes with purple agate and silver bead caps.

The ones on either side have the same frames. But I used some stunning German silver beads in one, and predominantly black beads in the other with just German silver floral spacers. the first two designs are booked. The last one is yet to be claimed by anyone. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

5 -strand Wire Woven Bracelet - Tutorial Link

This is from a video tutorial that I saw long ago, when I was just getting hooked on to wire work.

I have not been able to find that specific video, but since I was in the habit of writing down elaborate directions, and keeping notes , AND, because I am better at wire work than I used to be, I could follow them and make this bracelet.

This bracelet was done with a 20 gauge wire in Silver color, and studded with purple crystals. It is an open design, in a cuff style and with my favorite - swirl designs at the ends.

And now it is going to Shalini Chandak, who won it in a Give away I decided to, at the spur of the moment... All those who liked the bracelet on my page on FB, and those who had commented on it. I was please that I had about 31 new likes on my page this week, which is quite unusual, and just wanted to bring joy to someone else, in turn. !

If I chance upon the original  video link, I will be sure to post it here. Maybe I'd try an 18 gauge wire the
next time .

The original video I had seen,was different, with the 5 strand weave demo in copper wire, with a chain link to finish.. I learnt the weave from that, but ,I  finished the ends the same way ,as in the tutorial linked below, so I have decided to go ahead and link this one...

This one was done by Jocelyn D. - making a 5-strand Celtic weave bracelet. The link is HERE. It comes in two parts...And the link to the second part , is HERE

And for people who mastered the 5-strand weave, here is the link of a ring, which is given on Pandahall . A simple 5-strand woven ring .

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Orange Tear-drop and Silver Wire Necklace..

I had bought some lovely orange teardrop beads with a pearly sheen . Orange and Gold are a nice combination and almost a classic one.. But I decided to go the other way , and pair orange with silver.

The swirls are asymmetric and he process is almost were a pleasure to make.. as hypnotic as drawing Zentangles.. !

Usually, I work out a design earlier, and then more or less, follow it as nearly as possible. But in this case, I decided to just go where it led, and just worked on, letting the design evolve.

The links were like 'S' hooks and seemed to compliment the swirls well. As I went further up, the 'S' hooks slightly decreased in size. The closure was done with a simple 'u' hook..

I found the asymmetric look very pleasing and delicate. What do you think?