Friday, 13 March 2015

Exams, A Big Order And Lot more...!

Juggling myriad roles come naturally to us women, and never more so when you are a mother !!

I am always caught between wanting to really immerse myself in my creative pursuits , and also making sure that my daughter and I share quality moments together...

With her final exams of grade III going on, it is difficult to switch myself off as I have managed to learn (with a lot of difficulty)  and focus on my work at hand..

Meantime, I have a big order too.. just how I like it..err..not the size of the order, but rather the brief ... because it gives me a free hand to come up with the designs..and just need to be as unique as possible... so it was perfect !!

Here is a peek into one of the sets I worked on , for the order. It has a tribal look to it..the pendant is Onyx framed in silver and that I had picked up a few years ago, from Jaipur. I made earringw with hoops . I love hoops of any kind, ornate or otherwise...

 I have a few more pieces, to go, before I can pack and send it.. and actually, both my daughter's exams and the order will be over at the same time !!

I know my blogging has suffered...but planning my work schedule, designing, executing the various pieces, juggling house work, my art classes, helping my daughter prepare for her exams... I have had my hands full !!