Thursday, 29 December 2016

Feline Finger Puppet

This one was a gift for my little nephew, who was not yet 2 ! He loves cats, and wearing caps on his is not possible to see him without atleast one finger cap.

I used a sketch pen cap to use as the measure needed to hollow out the cat from the bottom. rolled out yellow clay and molded around the cap, after a serious dusting of powder between the surfaces. the clay surface was smoothed in first .

The head was attached next, and the features sculpted on bit by bit. Then attached to the cylindrical body. the feet, hands and tail were sculpted and attached.

The heart was sculpted and attached. And left to cure for 24 hours. the outside was given a glossy finish while I left the inner side as it was.

A perfect fit !

Monday, 26 December 2016

Hand-formed Rose Earrings

This was a special request and actually not easy when there are no molds used. To make handcrafted roses which are nearly identical . Also Cold porcelain, if not rolled out in the same thickness, dries differently.

My precision work actually leaves a lot to be desired, though I can do minute details. I do not like the idea of molds or cutters and work free form as much as possible. I tinted the clay a light peach and decided to colour as the flowers were cured.

So I did each corresponding petal on the two roses, simultaneously. But I had to wait till the roses dried to make sure that they could be used as a pair. Finally, I tinted the centre a deeper rose, and microbeads to give a pop of interest.


I have found a new app called Blogo and trying to get used to it. My problem is that when I get used to somethings, it is really tough to switch to something else.

There are quite a few posts pending, that I had post dated and kept ready on the now - redundant app.! And the past days, trying to recreate them, has been a pain. I have lost count of the number of drafts I have deleted.

But I am trying to update my work as much as possible before the New Year.