Friday, 19 September 2014

Green And Gold Wire-work Cuff..

 Free form wire weaving is something I would never tire of... The combinations and possibilities seem endless, the only thing lacking, is my expertise... !

This is just the second bracelet/cuff I have made in this free form style . I see a lot of imperfections, but I cannot truly say , that I am dissatisfied with teh results...

As a measure of my progress, I would say, it is okay, ad came off nearly as I had envisioned.

I used 18 gauge Copper wire for the frames, and 21 gauge for wrapping the beads.

The beads I used are green and Gold glass beads which have a unique wave like ripple on a squarish shape. I also used brighter gold coated metal beads with a spiral print , and plain beads in a darker green. I did not tighten the weave too much to make the green-gold beads, since they slightly rotate a bit and adds interest to the piece.

Finished the end by adding a hook, and also ending the other side in an eye for the hook.

This is the kind of fun pieces that I really enjoy making... 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Black, White and Silver....

The last pair for the two adorable sisters... One of them loves the black and white combination.. so I thought it would be nice to make the combination for both of them, but make them look really different...

Both of the designs were a play on shapes... since I kept the color combination the same.. black, white and silver inclusions...

The first necklace was made of disc shaped black beads, with interesting facets .. combined with normal white beads . I added spacers that had stylized floral motifs to the mix.

 The second one had some very ornate metallic beads . So I kept the black and white beads quite simple... and yet had interesting shapes. Black tube beads and very tiny white disc beads with the very ordinary floral spacers .

I asked a couple of my friends and family and all of them opined that they could not select which one they preferred , of the two.. ! So I considered it mission accomplished !!!

Which is your favorite?

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Traditional, My Way..

As I mentioned earlier, I was given an order for 3 sets each for sisters. One of the pieces, had to be what they could wear with traditional Indian outfits, mostly Salwar kameez or Pattu pavadas with Zari borders . So I thought crystals would be nice, with Golden accents .

Cold Porcelain jewelry elements
 So I chose mauve colored crystals for one necklace and added oval glass beads as pendant. Added simple tube shaped Golden accents and made earrings with the glass beads.

To add my personalized touch, I asses tiny miniature rolled- roses in mauve to the glass pendants, and touched them with a hint of bronze paint.

The second one was again done exactly the same way... but instead of rolled roses I did some simple tube flowers and studded the exact shade of red stones in the center of the tubes. Again mimicked the gold hints with just a touch of paint at the edges of the flowers and leaves.

SO two sets down, one each to go... :)
Cold Porcelain jewelry elements

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Cold Porcelain Bird Necklaces for Sisters..

The  sheer number of times, I sat down to write this post, is ridiculous..and it has been about three days since I started on this... ! It has been one thing after the other, the biggest issue being that our daughter is down with a severe cold.. and it is not the fact that she is unwell, but that she cannot go to school and has to be entertained 24/7 , that is really taxing ... !

As part of a surprise order, I had to make three sets each for two sisters ..young girls of 13, and 7 ..And so I decided to make one birdie necklace for each.  First I chose the combination of beads for the necklace and then tinted the Cold porcelain to make the birds  . It would have been easier to put an eye-pin on to each bird and let it cure, but I somehow thought it would have spoiled the look of the birds.. so I made cages to attach them on, so they could swing on the necklaces ... !

Cold Porcelain Miniatures

I just could not resist playing with them a bit..made a tiny nest and mixed up itty bits of left over CP to make some eggs and just posed the 'family' for a click !
Cold Porcelain MIniatures and Jewelry
Here the birdies are posing with their hand crafted, metal wire perches and matching beads. I was pretty pleased that my color - mixing ability did not let me down. 

And finally, here they are , on the necklaces,.. I think they look pretty cute on their perches. What do YOU think ??

Unbelievably , from beginning to end of this post, I was interrupted 4 times already !!