Friday, 29 November 2013

Necklace And Bracelet For a Tiny Tot

 This is another commissioned piece, for a tiny person, I haven't met.
 I have just gone along with the brief and made the set. Hopefully, they will fit well..

The main point was that the necklace should be 'pink' and i have seen a tendency for a few pink lovers to transfer a bit of that affection to purple also..

So I thought it would be safe for me to add some purple to the mix.

I made a cold porcelain focal piece in pale purple, added a pink center to compliment the bead colors .

And gave accents in shimmering purple  around the flower.

For the bracelet, I made links, on long eye pins. Linked them and attached a chain link to one end with a clasp. This is so the bracelet can be adjusted quite a bit. Hope my little client likes it. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New Address, New Look for Artisan Whimsy

Artisan Whimsy Site has a new address.. so those of you, interested in making Jewelry or the components of Jewelry , are welcome to join this site. Just click HERE and get started .. !!

The Facebook group called Creative Bead Chat is part of Artisan Whimsy. So you can sign up there too...

It's and amazing meeting place for Jewelry and component makers .. great info , inspirations and a bunch of really great people...

Join and have fun....

Monday, 18 November 2013

Copper wire and Green Beads - Wavy Necklace

Next to Cold Porcelain, I'd say copper wire is my favorite jewelry making element. This is a very delicate necklace.

I just cut out lengths of copper wire in pair. Did not even make the segments all of the same length..just to make it more interesting.

But I managed to shape similar 'wavy' patterns on each pair, just to keep a slight control.. a sort of uniformity, while still looking a bit 'off the cuff' ...!!

Hammered the wire after shaping, though I left the two dangling pieces just so...

And it was sold withing a half-hour of posting it.

Best of all, it suited the wearer to a T.. just making things perfect !!

Now I have to make a pair of earrings to go with this necklace. Will post that later. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bead and Wire Bracelet with Cold Porcelain Focal - Tutorial

This is the D-I-Y that had been published in my featured article

Difficulty level : Medium. Some knowledge of wire work is good. 

 Tools needed 

Ruler : To measure the wire lengths. 
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers.

Materials needed 

  • Focal Bead - I made a bracelet for my daughter. so used the Cold Porcelain bead that I had made. It  is a hand molded CP bead , painted a pale yellow. Studded with stones, with a filigree embossing. And the accented with red and black. 
  • Beads - to complement or contrast with the focal bead. I used Red stone beads, and larger black faceted beads.
  • Copper wire - 22 gauge for making the bracelet links, and 18 gauge for the 'S' Hook .


Cut about 7 Cm of the 22 gauge wire . At one end, turn the wire around the round pliers, with a 2 cm tail approximately,  to form a 'U' shape.

Twist the wire , with the round - nose pliers to form a loop. Gripping the tail end with  flat nose pliers will help make the loop for perfectly.

The excess tail after the loop and the wire to stick the bead on, would be perpendicular to each other. Flush-cut the protruding tail end with the cutters and press closed, with the flat nosed pliers.

Add the bead to the wire. Now make a similar loop on the other end and secure the bead. 

The next step can be done in two ways . 

a) Make links on both sides of all the beads, like the focal beads, and link them with Jump rings. 

b)Make links, on one side add the beads and link them to each other. I did this option, because the bracelet is for a child and too many links would make the bracelet big, with not enough beads. 

The Beads linked to each other . 

Repeat the process. Please not that at some point there will be one bead that will have to be linked on bot sides to closed links.. 

The final link on one side of the bracelet should be  wide enough for an S hook. Otherwise, simply use a jump ring.

Make an 'S' hook with the 18 gauge copper wire and  attach to one side of the bracelet.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Featured in Deccan Chronicle , Chennai Edition - November 6th.

The call came late, on Sunday, November 3rd. I was expecting my sis-in-law's call... So I was taken aback when a male voice asked me if were Swapna Dinesh, he worked with Deccan Chronicle, and would I be interested in an interview..Thankfully, I had been informed by a fellow blogger and friend, whom I had known for more than 4 years, that I might be called about an interview... Given that it was a Sunday, and never much good at networking, I would never have believed it to be a genuine call otherwise... 

I was sent a series of questions to answer, with a DIY of my jewelry. So, on Monday  I set about doing that , with a very cranky child recovering from a bad cold , and posting pictures via gmail, which goes weird at the best of times, and this was also with out net speed waaaay down... ! 

Finally I sent it off ...and there it was , two days later, captioned - 'When Creative Caps Come On' ....

I will post a more elaborate version of the DIY soon. Due to space constraints, they have slightly shortened it. Meanwhile, to read the article, in case you are interested, HERE is the link.