Friday, 6 January 2017

Origami Pyramid - Gift Packaging

It has been a while since I posted any tutorial links . While I have been checking out tutorials and inspiring works, I had been largely trying to create things by experimenting. I had a big order for Diwali. Jhumkas as gifts.

I will be posting about the jhumkas in a later post, but in this one, I wanted to link an origami tutorial. Here is the work in progress.

I wanted a relatively simple design , which could still be made festive. I tried to ger some stock paper in a design, but then i decided that it was better to customize it. Here is the link to the origami tutorial.

Easy Pyramid Box tutorial by Henry Pham.

I did check out quite a few tutorials, and found this one fairly easy to follow. I just used white stock paper and painted one end with a feather design in metallic bronze. the only other thing was to write 'Happy Diwali' at the base of the tiny packages. it was perfect to nestle a single pair of jhumkas in each pyramid box. Then held it together with Maroon ribbons.

The result was none too fussy, and elegant.

And finally, for a sneak peek at the festive Jhumkas, which are a traditonal Indian design of earrings. Just that personal touch to make the commissioned gifts that much more special!!

What say you?.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sea Lion Miniature

My daughter wanted a sea animal for her class exhibition, and she suggested a sea lion . The grey sea lions were fairly common, and did not excite her much. Then we saw a picture of a white sea lion and decided to go with that.

'Cute' was what she wanted. So I made a few sketches, got her approval and got to work. Did not use any armature. I did the neck to tail in a single piece of clay, and attached the head separately.

Gave some light grey beauty spots all over. I gave it slightly lighter eyes to add some interest. Then highlighted areas like the flippers, tail and around the eyes in light brown.

Since the flippers were relatively fragile, I decided to add a perch. Nothing would do, but a bit of ice. And decorated the edges with stylized waves.

This little guy is less than 3 inches from head to tail.