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Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Gift for Christmas

My daughter has been slowly getting out of her only pink craze and wearing other colors.. So I decided to gift her a necklace and earring set that was nearly all of other colors...

It has a majenta yoke and a multi colored skirt. So I tinted the Cold Porcelain Majenta and Orange separately. Formed 5 petals with the Majenta .and the center was shaped into a spiral .

I fixed an eye pin from behind.

I did not add any more majenta . As that was the bigger portion on the frock, I chose to add the rest of the colors like orange, light blue, and pale yellow.

I also made tiny hanging earrings. I somehow dislike seeing huge earrings on tiny tots.

So I kept the set ready on her pillow - it was the first thing she saw that morning.. .

 All ready to go.. The majenta was the perfect shade and really blended with the top...

I wanted it a little shorter..but my little one prefers this length... after all, a gift should be the way the recipient wants it...!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

100th post and Merry Christmas!!

As it is my 100th post on this blog, I wanted to look back at the major things that happened to strengthen my belief, that I am right in following the creative path. And I want to address a few usual questions and comments that have come my way since I started my artistic venture.

A very frequently asked one is - How did you get started ...?

It did not happen overnight - that is a fact. In one form or another, I have always been involved with art since childhood.. It is not easy pinpointing that first moment when I had an epiphany, and started drawing... It has always been a part of me..

Along the way, experimenting with various mediums, I discovered acrylic paints..and found that they suited me best... I was about 12 when I first went to an exhibition with my dad and learned about semi-precious stones.. after that , I had an interest in bead and stone jewelry, but other than repairing my collection, it never occurred to me, that I could make my own...

While caring for my infant daughter and staying at home, I took to blogging about my cooking and art and craft experiments, and found a wealth of talent online, in a variety of fields. 

An article on jewelry making and visiting a supply shop with a friend, got me started on making jewelry, but I was not happy just stringing the beads .. I wanted my collections to have that something that would make them unique.. !

I discovered polymer clay online, but working out the availability issues and costs, I knew that I had to find a substitute. And that is when I found out about Cold Porcelain.. It was more cost effective than Polymer Clay, but best of all, I could make it at home.. what could be more handmade than that?

And so with various recipes , I tried out making Cold Porcelain.. after about 8 dismal attempts, I finally succeeded in adjusting the recipe to suit the substitute brands of raw materials available at home...

And I learnt the ABCs of sculpting, with the help of the superb tutorials available online..Of course, I took pains to work on adapting them so they did not look anything like their previous designs.. It is a small quirk of mine ... However imperfect or perfect, whatever I make should not resemble any other person's work.. 

And so, that is how I got started..!

How profitable is it?

Truthfully, If I had to support a family, we would starve...! After more than 2 years, I make just enough to buy my supplies... But then , I am a single operational unit. The designing, sourcing, buying, making, promoting, blogging, packaging ..etc is done by myself..with logistical help provided by my husband. 

Along with that , I handle the roles of wife, mom,cook, housekeeper and tutor at home, and also teach art classes during the weekend at an art institute. 

If I do delegate a few things , and regiment my schedules, I could be much more productive, but at this point in time, I guess I need to wear these different hats and keep the ball rolling at a pace where I do not stretch myself too thin.. I do believe in quality, rather than quantity. 

I have plans to do things a bit differently , couple of years later..but for now, knowing that this is my way forward, is a huge reward in itself. 

Some comments..  

Quite a few people have mocked me for quitting a career in the corporate world and pursuing a 'hobby'. 

A lot of people have been very supportive and validated my efforts time and again being repeat customers, but more than that ,really encouraging me and discussing my creations..Nothing is as inspiring as that .. !

One bizarre comment was asking me to stop cooking , and painting and what not, just to show off and get  other people into 'trouble' ...! 

My support system..

First and foremost, my husband..He gave me enough courage to be ME. My sister and husband, and my brother and wife..My parents were not convinced at first , but they have come around some... and quite a few of my cousins and friends.. My daughter is great at tooting her mamma's horn.. !!. Fellow artists and bloggers have been a great source of inspiration and comfort...

Goals ...(more like dreams,) achieved so far 

Having a brand name
A website  - which is a work in progress..
My work featured in a magazine -  thrice,  in an International Jewelry magazine. 
Featured article written by me..
Getting featured in  newspaper..
Working in an art place where my creative freedom is not curbed ..

Improvement over time..

I have improved my picture taking skills in the past year for sure.. but it is just the tip of the iceberg..
I feel my design skills have improved..and is evolving as I learn more each day...
My pieces have better finish for sure.. 

Things to improve 

From time management, productivity, to I guess most other aspects, there is scope for improvement.. it is a learning process and practice only makes better...!

Future plans ...

I do not make a lot of grandiose plans.. I just make lists that I would love to achieve... But I usually take each day as it comes and try to do something a little better than before.. the only parameter I usually set, is self improvement. Simple works for me..

That's it.. ! 

Wish you all a Merry Christmas. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Miniature Tortoise in Cold Porcelain

Seems like ages since I made a miniature cute animal that did not hang from a necklace or a Key chain. I like to see tiny cute things about , that my husband, not so affectionately calls dust catchers :P !!

We do keep a lot of things in a minimal style as it is true.. wipe a surface and come back to the place in half an hour, you wouldn't know it had been dusted  in ages....!!! With constructions happening all around and with the dry climate, keeping the home spotless, just doesn't happen.. I have known people with OCD admit their defeat !!

But still, I do like to look at pretty stuff and somehow things that are handmade make the best impact for me, inspiration-wise.

I decided to make this little tortoise for myself. Just so she could hang around while I worked in my little corner ..
I decided to give the paint later, so I made the tiny Tort, entirely in un-tinted Cold Porcelain.

 Because of the dust and a mischief maker at home, I have to keep everything that I make away and covered up, as soon as it is done to let them dry .. Otherwise they could end up with a layer of dust and quite a few tiny finger prints, embedded on ..!!

I could not correct the slight droop to the neck and it dried in that position.. Anyway, I decided to go ahead and give some color.
Handmade Cold Porcelain Miniature
I gave the shell a nice green .. I am partial to the camouflage shade of green than the more vibrant shades. Skin tones for the head, tail and legs.

And instead of the usual  patterns , I decided to give a more ornate look with metallic shades of yellow, and red, after drawing a pattern with brown, to lift the light shade of yellow.

Dabs of brown for nails and on the tail.

I decided to give  'her' a twisted wire necklace and a flower over one eye..I was happy with the end result.. so much so, that I made a collage for my FB page , Swardaa..

The message - visit Swardaa, to be adorned and adored ... 

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Resin Workshop

I had been looking forward to an intro to Resin for a while. Finally, when I saw an ad by Divya, I jumped at the chance..

It was a two - day workshop and a one hour travel by car to her place..
all worth it.. as the class was excellent and very well organised, the company outstanding...and the results pleasing.

So here are the things I made during the workshop, with ample guidance, of course... !

The first one had a Cloth backing , cut in the shape of the
bezel, and pasted on with a two sided tape. Then two words were cut out and added to the background.

A light touch of metallic paint was given to fill out the gaps, if any

And then the resin was poured on and set .

The second was a lovely ornate pendant which was backed with a pretty paper and beading was added around it.

Then the rest of the necklace was made with cylindrical paper beads and acrylic beads

The third one was a cute memory pin studded with silver color beads.... and then decorated with a florescent bow.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Necklace And Bracelet For a Tiny Tot

 This is another commissioned piece, for a tiny person, I haven't met.
 I have just gone along with the brief and made the set. Hopefully, they will fit well..

The main point was that the necklace should be 'pink' and i have seen a tendency for a few pink lovers to transfer a bit of that affection to purple also..

So I thought it would be safe for me to add some purple to the mix.

I made a cold porcelain focal piece in pale purple, added a pink center to compliment the bead colors .

And gave accents in shimmering purple  around the flower.

For the bracelet, I made links, on long eye pins. Linked them and attached a chain link to one end with a clasp. This is so the bracelet can be adjusted quite a bit. Hope my little client likes it. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New Address, New Look for Artisan Whimsy

Artisan Whimsy Site has a new address.. so those of you, interested in making Jewelry or the components of Jewelry , are welcome to join this site. Just click HERE and get started .. !!

The Facebook group called Creative Bead Chat is part of Artisan Whimsy. So you can sign up there too...

It's and amazing meeting place for Jewelry and component makers .. great info , inspirations and a bunch of really great people...

Join and have fun....

Monday, 18 November 2013

Copper wire and Green Beads - Wavy Necklace

Next to Cold Porcelain, I'd say copper wire is my favorite jewelry making element. This is a very delicate necklace.

I just cut out lengths of copper wire in pair. Did not even make the segments all of the same length..just to make it more interesting.

But I managed to shape similar 'wavy' patterns on each pair, just to keep a slight control.. a sort of uniformity, while still looking a bit 'off the cuff' ...!!

Hammered the wire after shaping, though I left the two dangling pieces just so...

And it was sold withing a half-hour of posting it.

Best of all, it suited the wearer to a T.. just making things perfect !!

Now I have to make a pair of earrings to go with this necklace. Will post that later. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bead and Wire Bracelet with Cold Porcelain Focal - Tutorial

This is the D-I-Y that had been published in my featured article

Difficulty level : Medium. Some knowledge of wire work is good. 

 Tools needed 

Ruler : To measure the wire lengths. 
Wire cutter
Round nose pliers
Flat nose pliers.

Materials needed 

  • Focal Bead - I made a bracelet for my daughter. so used the Cold Porcelain bead that I had made. It  is a hand molded CP bead , painted a pale yellow. Studded with stones, with a filigree embossing. And the accented with red and black. 
  • Beads - to complement or contrast with the focal bead. I used Red stone beads, and larger black faceted beads.
  • Copper wire - 22 gauge for making the bracelet links, and 18 gauge for the 'S' Hook .


Cut about 7 Cm of the 22 gauge wire . At one end, turn the wire around the round pliers, with a 2 cm tail approximately,  to form a 'U' shape.

Twist the wire , with the round - nose pliers to form a loop. Gripping the tail end with  flat nose pliers will help make the loop for perfectly.

The excess tail after the loop and the wire to stick the bead on, would be perpendicular to each other. Flush-cut the protruding tail end with the cutters and press closed, with the flat nosed pliers.

Add the bead to the wire. Now make a similar loop on the other end and secure the bead. 

The next step can be done in two ways . 

a) Make links on both sides of all the beads, like the focal beads, and link them with Jump rings. 

b)Make links, on one side add the beads and link them to each other. I did this option, because the bracelet is for a child and too many links would make the bracelet big, with not enough beads. 

The Beads linked to each other . 

Repeat the process. Please not that at some point there will be one bead that will have to be linked on bot sides to closed links.. 

The final link on one side of the bracelet should be  wide enough for an S hook. Otherwise, simply use a jump ring.

Make an 'S' hook with the 18 gauge copper wire and  attach to one side of the bracelet.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Featured in Deccan Chronicle , Chennai Edition - November 6th.

The call came late, on Sunday, November 3rd. I was expecting my sis-in-law's call... So I was taken aback when a male voice asked me if were Swapna Dinesh, he worked with Deccan Chronicle, and would I be interested in an interview..Thankfully, I had been informed by a fellow blogger and friend, whom I had known for more than 4 years, that I might be called about an interview... Given that it was a Sunday, and never much good at networking, I would never have believed it to be a genuine call otherwise... 

I was sent a series of questions to answer, with a DIY of my jewelry. So, on Monday  I set about doing that , with a very cranky child recovering from a bad cold , and posting pictures via gmail, which goes weird at the best of times, and this was also with out net speed waaaay down... ! 

Finally I sent it off ...and there it was , two days later, captioned - 'When Creative Caps Come On' ....

I will post a more elaborate version of the DIY soon. Due to space constraints, they have slightly shortened it. Meanwhile, to read the article, in case you are interested, HERE is the link. 

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Artisan Whimsy


Artisan Whimsy is an online forum for artisans who make jewelry and the components. It was started by Melinda Orr and has an amazing group of members, the world over.

It has started a brilliant e-zine, which is published monthly, and contains the most amazing handmade creations, that can be ever imagined. And each issue is a keeper just for the lovely pictures, but the articles are as well crafted and brilliant as the jewelry they feature... Anyone interested in jewelry making, Artisan Whimsy would be a good place to find inspiration, advice, tips and some good encouragement...

 Personally I have found that if I need to get inspired  just spending a few minutes , going over the awesome jewelry posted by the members , is enough..!

So if you are not a member already, what are you waiting for ...? Click HERE n get started ..

Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Students

Six of my art classes are successfully over.. I'm loving it.. My students range from 4 year - olds to 12 - 13 year- olds.

On Sundays my daughter also accompanies me..and she enjoys the classes.

Here are a few pictures . Once the studio has their website and FB page up, I will put up more info and pictures . For now, I have taken the pictures with the permission of the kids.

My daughter, facing the class . 

All of them like to draw..Thank God..!! Quite a bit of talent in this group. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Gift of Earrings

I made a few earrings for my sis-n law last month. I bought a pair of silver hoops and made a few dangles she could wear with them..

Hoops are my all time favorites and I have more than 20 pairs in various colous, sizes and materials... some embellished , and the others not. But I also love the tiny hoops on which I add different beads , or dangles , according to my outfits.

They do not look too dressy, and yet , they can be embellished simply or grandly, according to the dress or the occasion.

I forgot to take the pictures of the rest of the earrings that I sent her. One was green and the other red, if I remember correctly. Earrings are mostly a fail-proof gift for any woman..

The earrings below were a custom order and have lovely barrel shaped silver beads with a disc shaped connector in between. Wearable on a daily basis..

Thursday, 17 October 2013

A New Turn - Art Instructor !!

Opportunities do come knocking.. !! I was contacted by a person who had just started a beautiful new Art Studio. And she had heard through a friend of a friend, about me.

I had previously conducted art classes for kids and a few private classes of mural work, glass painting and fabric painting for adults. But it was not something that I wanted to do continuously, unless I had a dedicated place for it...

I went for a meeting , and we both agreed that we could work together.. I also loved the fact that it was a place dedicated to the various arts. Even if personally, I did not take to any of the performing arts like dance or music or even instruments, I have been trained a couple of years in classical dance basics, quite a few years of Carnatic music and even played the violin for more than 5 years. So being surrounded by that atmosphere made me feel right at home.

Best part is, the classes are just for a couple of hours during the weekends and I can take my daughter along too... So exposing her to the arts and some more playmates, is another plus...

My class has kids as young as 4 year old and surprisingly, they all really seem to have an interest in learning.

I just hope I can make the lessons interesting enough for them... !! My own child, does not seem to listen to any of my tips, and the pic shown above and variations, are her favorite subject. !!

 I will post more details about the classes once I have a website, or a Facebook page, to link to..

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Swardaa Listed on Bloglovin

I have been having trouble with my blogger reader have decided to keep a list on Bloglovin too..  So those who already use it can find my blog there too...

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

The 'follow on Bloglovin' button is on the sidebar.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Turquoise Earrings and Necklace featured on Bead Chat Magazine - October 2013

  The October issue of Bead Chat Magazine has a lot of info about Patina effects on metal jewelry... something that has not caught on much in India. The sparkly silver and Gold are still metals of choice when it comes to ornament..

I have had a life-long love affair with oxidized silver and gun metal jewelry . I was introduced to the latter, during an exhibition in Doha, while I was about 12 years old... and my dad bought me a gun metal necklace with a lovely heart shaped pendant !

Oxidized silver was more because any nice and sparkling silver anklets would soon turn oxidized as I wore them..and I quite liked that to the really shiny metal...

So now learning about all kinds of Patina on Bead Chat Magazine was great ... can't wait to try it out... !

This issue is a lot about Turquoise too and some amazingly fabulous creations have been featured.. I was surprised to see my own creation among those..

HERE is the link to the current Issue of the Bead Chat Magazine. I will also be embedding the magazine in the sidebar.

Monday, 30 September 2013

Pin it - Hover button : DIY link

I am not so good at blog design, but I do love trying out some of the hundreds of really lovely tutorials out there.
I love Pinterest and there are many instances where I wish there was a Pin it button on a blog.

So after seeing quite a few tutorials, I decided to add a Pin -it button to all the pictures on my blog.. they are predominantly my own, and where they are not, I have take care to mention and given credit.

This is the link to the tutorial I used and it is fairly easy even to  me. Pinterest Pin It button on Image Hover  from BloggerSentral.

I am planning to put a Pin it button on each of my blog posts too.. as soon as I find a tutorial that is easy enough for me, to follow... !!

As for pics on my blog that belong to others, I have linked the individual pics to the original sources.. I hope that works.. If not, I'll have to make changes ...sigh..!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

My Blue pottery - inspired earrings

In my earlier post , I had mentioned the earrings that were featured, inspired by Blue pottery of Jaipur.  So here they are ..!!


The decided to use the cold porcelain without tinting . The first pair of earrings, I decided to shape into long , but fairly similar shards of pottery . I kept them white and just drew the cobalt blue designs that are predominant on white pottery.. similar designs on corresponding sides . Here the earrings above show one view of each side . 

The next pair of earrings are made of short , squat beads, that are cylindrical in shape and formed by hand.
These are colored with a vague floral motif , but mimic the blue, yellow and hints of black.

I used small white discs to give a lift and multi-faceted , double shaded beads below. The ear hooks are German silver.

Tried out a new varnish..sadly it had a very light tint of yellow. So the pristine white of the cold porcelain does look a bit marred in the first pair. Have to keep that in mind next time..

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A New Year !!

This Picture is from the internet. 

Another year older ..and the past one has been very eventful . Ups and downs abounded..

We faced a few situations where we were made to realize how very precious and fragile the people in our lives are ... my dad and husband falling ill, losing a beloved uncle unexpectedly... having to cope with the pain and void he left behind in all of our lives..and still struggling with that , months later..

On the other side, I have been finding long -lost friends and cementing friendships... new friends whom I have never met from various parts of the world, sharing a common interest in creativity..The absolute pleasure of exploring my own creativity and sharing it with others... I feel that I have ticked a few of my personal goals ..

And my birthday gifts have been unexpected and very very special, from my husband and Sis -in -Law.. and the sheer number of handmade cards from my little one, along with her usual bracelet and necklace gift ..:)  Also more than a hundred people wished me via Facebook and private mail and calls..  I feel happy and loved !!

I am someone who never takes much for granted.. So my resolution for the year to some, is to work harder, appreciate every moment and my dear ones..and feel thankful everyday.. Oh yes!..and to be better and consistent at blogging ...

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Guest Editor in Bead Chat Magazine.!!..September 2013

I guess someone up there is being generous to me !! And I have to thank Facebook for playing such a role in  helping me get in touch with such brilliantly talented people ... to have them on my friend's list and also to interact with them..!! The best thing is that they are in a different part of the world..

It was a chance chat on FB, with Melinda Orr , that led to this...I was blown away by the Bead Chat magazine, when I saw it on Artisan Whimsy...When i mentioned that I would be interested in contributing to the magazine, I did not think it would have such a big part in it...
and I have to thank Melinda Orr ,and Cynthia Machata  for being so receptive of my article and ideas.

And though I knew a few weeks back, that my work would be in the magazine, I did not expect it to be included a new series called places, not that I would be mentioned on the cover itself !!

It was an article about the Blue Pottery of Jaipur and a few of my pieces in Cold Porcelain , inspired by it.

An earring of mine, was also featured in the series, called Vineyards.

The brief was jewelry with leaves. These are lovely ochre shade crystals with German silver leaves.A simple 

The Blue Pottery inspired pieces were a miniature tile in Cold Porcelain and two earrings.

The flower motif was found on some old tiles of blue pottery. I modified the look of the leaves and added a few stones to add interest.

I will tell about the Blue Pottery inspired earrings in another post. Meanwhile, the link to the September 2013 Issue of the Bead chat Magazine, will be found in the side bar. 

Thursday, 15 August 2013

WireWork Earrings

I got this custom order to make just wire worked jewelry, with no embellishments... I was asked to use only wire.

So I was just trying out different things and it struck me, that coils, when twisted and shaped, would look give a new dimension to the technique.

Anyway , I had this metal file that had three sides, so if I decided to make my coils on that instead of a regular cylindrical shape, just to make it yet more different.

I used 20 gauge copper wire to make the coils. Then I tapered one end to which I was going to add handmade ear hooks.

But as I was about to loop the end, it just seemed to have enough left over to shape ear hooks, with the same wire , without cutting!! I just tried to see how it looked, and it looked great ! I also twisted it a bit to mimic a fluid look..

Here they are ..hand coiled, copper wire earrings from a single piece of wire.!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Silver inclusions and Beads - SHAPES !..

I like gold jewelry, which I think is the norm for any girl who hails from Kerala... But for me, gold is more for occasions.. a wedding or similar grand functions. And for that I mostly prefer the very traditional - read ancient styles, teamed with the timeless sarees like Kanjeevaram.

When I dress up for any other functions, I prefer semi precious stones and beads, accented with silver or copper.. And I love the look of oxidized silver.. I feel it gives a regal look to jewelry. Here are a couple of pieces I made last week..with silver accents.

When I bought the rectangular Silver inclusions, I had the idea of using them in a necklace. But when it was time, I just had to make earrings out of them.. The multifaceted stone beads, and the semi - sphere of the end links, just appeal to me .

The bracelet has another shape of beads - flat, round,not lentil shaped, though... I call them disc shaped, but that description is also not very accurate. Added to that , the mix of some 4 shades of green...

So I just make simple individual links and then teamed them up with seemingly square shaped, silver inclusions . A good pairing, I'd say...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A surprise invitation ..Guest Judge at a School Fest ...

A call out of the blue from a family friend turned into a surprise and very welcome invitation... 

She is a kindergarten teacher and was in charge of arranging the Guest Judge for the Artificial Jewelry competition, in the Inter-school Fest conducted by her school on their Annual day . ..(phew! that was a mouthful !!) She asked if I would be willing to act as the judge.. 

When I agreed, I was asked to supply a write up on my jewelry making activities and such.. I sent it, and I was sent an official invite by the Principal of the school...

It was a very pleasant afternoon.. also got to re-connect and gossip with my friend... and the kids were really talented. There were nine schools competing in this event...

Thankfully I had really thought out a few criterion on which to mark them , in the event that the school had not made any decisions in that area.... so I was saved...!

So after the judging, which was tough, I was taken to the auditorium, and the prize distribution was also conducted soon afterwards... Then I was asked to hand over the prizes for the event. 

After that , I stayed a half hour and watched superb adapt dancing ... 

It was a nice experience..especially since it was for an event that I really love,...and in really good company. 
Sadly, even though I took my camera, could not take any snaps... 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Featured ..!! August 2013 edition of the Bead Chat Magazine...

Today began with the best news I have had in a while... !! Two of my creations have been featured in the Bead Chat Magazine... !

The Pearl bracelet I made for my mom was featured in Hollywood Glam  and the Cold Porcelain piece with the mirror, Flower and snail, in the Garden category...

This was my experiment to try and color Cold Porcelain in the fascinating 'Country' style. HERE is the link to the original post .

And another thing is that I FINALLY got my camera... a new one . I opted for Canon because it is something I am used to..Hopefully, my picture taking skills will improve somewhat...! 

That is for you to judge, though... 

For now, I am just thrilled my work was included in this magazine.. I will post the link in the sidebar ..I am sure all of you will enjoy the brilliant pieces featured there ...I was blown away... another of my favorites, Donna Millard's work has been featured in it .. is the badge ...:)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Inspiring Artist : Afsaneh Tajvidi....

Some artists just grab your attention from the get-go, while some take time getting used, to , and then it is like a revelation...just tuning into their creativity...

Afsaneh Tajvidi is the former kind... her creations, be it jewelry, clay work, her illustrations , are all just so stunning.... and her styling sense and photography are works of art too... !!

She is a Canadian artist , of Iranian descent , and the moment I landed on her blog, I was hooked... !. I would describe her style as soft, and utterly feminine...there is a grace and a sweetness in her work, and the few times I have chatted with her on Facebook, makes me think that that reflects who she is, as a person too...

She has an Art Blog called Joojoo.

Animal alphabet in progress

As you can see..this is the cutest Vulture that I have ever seen... and he stars in the Alphabet series she is doing....  Afsaneh also shares some easy recipes and glimpses of her home n this blog...

And if you are not interested in any of the a fore mentioned things,  you can still go through the blog just to see some fabulous photographs...

Crystal . Love

I know that I was driven to improve my picture taking skills after I started following her blog...!!

Her clay snails are really cute and she has an Etsy shop. Just click on the link for her blog and all the info is there..

Just looking at her pics lifts my spirit... And I really need it now because the stalling, and formalities over my camera has been extended to another week..

Meanwhile I am thinking of trying out Instagram..have any of you used it? what say you?

Monday, 22 July 2013


I have good news and bad news....!!

The camera is a total write off, but since it is in the warranty period, the shop will have to reimburse us , or replace the camera.

But there are a lot of formalities and it may take a few more days before we hear anything from them... !!

I am no good with taking pics on a mobile phone.. come to think of it, the pics from my camera were not so spectacular either..haha...

Anyway, after waiting so many days, I have decided that I will wait the few more days and post pics with my new camera... if things go as planned ,fingers crossed...

Meanwhile, I have made 3 rings in copper wire, and a couple of earrings with silver and acrylic beads.

I have got an order of another copper wire earring pair and a necklace..

So have been sketching out a few ideas.

Am trying not to let the delay get to me.. and to make more so that I will have a lot of work to post by the time I get the camera.

Also planning to visit a few blogs that I have been following...

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Jewelry photography woes !!

Since the past month when my camera went bust , I have been increasingly aware of the fact that my pictures are not (almost) always great !!..

People mostly comment that all my creations look better in real life than in the pics..

On one hand I am happy, that they don't look THAT unappealing, because people order them after seeing the pics...and are pleasantly surprised ..! But on the other hand , it is becoming increasingly evident that I have to sharpen my skills in that department ..:P !!

So I have been looking through a lot of articles..and actually I have been feeling slightly alarmed at the information / expertise out there and also if I could actually follow any of them...

Finally found a few I liked on The Beading Gem's Journals. It is a great blog with a lot of amazing info and inspiration..

Here are the links to a couple of tutorials I really liked ...

1. Natural Light Jewelry Photography with White Backgrounds - HERE is the Tutorial link

2. Jewelry Photography set up tips... the link is HERE

Both of these are really easy to follow and tick all the boxes as far as I am concerned..simple equipment and easy to set up..

So now all I have to do , is wait for the people to return my camera... !! It has a busted motherboard according to them... :( ..

Meanwhile, I am sure there are more tips and tutorials that u favor , or that some of you can share... if so ..please send me the links... I absolutely have to improve my skills...

Thursday, 11 July 2013

7th Birthday and a handmade gift

7th July is a special date for us. Our daughter was born that day, SEVEN years ago....

We usually celebrate her birthdays at our parent's home in Kerala with all of our relatives...but this year, having lost our uncle, we decided to keep it low - key . So my parents came to us in Chennai....

She has a lot of thoughtful uncles, aunts and cousins, not to mention doting grand parents ... so her gifts started arriving in June itself..

And the rest were sent with my parents . So the final tally was pretty good :)... I guess at this age, they do look forward to their next Birthdays,  as soon as one is over ...!

My folks bought her a birthday dress...which absolutely matched the little surprise gift that I had made for her...

I had a  plain ring that fit her finger . SO fashioned a bed of green leaves over it. Then made a flower with the petals slightly large.

Made the fairy separately. She is actually kneeling, though that is not evident. I made her dress resemble rose petals and a collar of green.

Gave her long brown hair and tiny white wings, with a touch of sparkle .

Since my camera is under warranty , and the damaged part was not in stock, I have been taking pics on the mobile... NOT my comfort zone.. I like to stick to electronic items that I am used to...!!

Yet to get a decent pic of my daughter modelling the ring.... She loved it.. Her favorite colours, a ring and a tiny fairy too...

Friday, 5 July 2013

Earring, and a pearl bracelet

As I have promised , I am posting an earring I made, that was not part of a set.. I had some lovely pink crystals and teamed them with German silver findings with an antique finish. Also had some beads  with mottled green look .. somehow they all worked well together, in my opinion...

I wanted to make a few earrings with bead weaving techniques, but was side-tracked by my folks dropping in for a visit. It was a special occasion - our daughter's 7th birthday.

I gifted a pearl bracelet to my mom... She is a great fan of pearls and corals ..

The inclusions have red and green enamel work and are studded with stones in a traditional Indian style. Which suits my mom's tastes. 

I have also finished a tiny finger ring for the birthday girl. But that is a different post ..!!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Working on earrings..

Health is almost back to normal... but feel like I'm jinxed now...!! My camera is broken and have to get it fixed or replaced...

But anyway, I have decided not to stay idle... so watch this space for some new earrings ... I have been asked to make earrings, and not just as part of sets.. so that is what I am working on..

As soon as the camera is back, I'll have quite a few items to post...
Very glad to be back to the routine...

And thanks to all my friends and followers who wished me well.. That helped a lot... 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Delay again..!!

After 40 days of being away, I was just waiting to get back to my work... and I'm down with fever... Bad enough I had to get fever, but worse, it had to wait till now.... at least at my mom's I would have been pampered a bit..when one is chief cook n care taker, it is not easy to lie down and recover....

Sigh...hope I throw the fever soon.... and that I won't pass it on ...!!!

Friday, 7 June 2013

More lovely Swardaa models..

Swardaa models are till date, only the owners of the pieces...

This is my daughter, sporting the pink choker style necklace with the hand-made Cold Porcelain rose.

My cousin who bought the wire work earrings that she wore for a special occasion. It was a perfect match for the ethnic style outfit that she was wearing..

Monday, 20 May 2013

Finally ....A pic

I finally got the pic from my lovely sister-n-law...modelling the Cold porcelain necklace and earrings that I made, to match her outfit.

The link of the post with the details, is HERE.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Featured Crafter on Heart Handmade Blog

Mandie of Heart Handmade Blog, has selected me as the featured crafter !!

This is the first site I have been featured on, and hopefully, not the last !!

It is a great site for crafters, with tutorials, information about a lot of talented people and their work ..

Here is the link to my interview...

I would love to know your comments ...