Tutorial Link - Easy Clay Ring with a Drawn design and my WIP

This ring tutorial was posted by a very generous Polymer clay artist and Jeweler called Monica Resta. This is the link 

All her tutorial videos are very clear and easy to follow.. . I decided to try the ring as soon as I saw the tutorial video.

So I have made the ring in Cold Porcelain, but decided to do the chunky ring slightly different. Her lovely hand drawn design does look great.. but in my version,I have given some impressions..
Since it is a thick ring, my air dry clay is taking some time to cure properly.

SO right now, it is just plain white with a some patterns on it..   But the pattern was not visible when I photographed it..So I have rubbed a pastel chalk on the flower impression to make it a little clearer.

Loads more to do.. but first , it has to cure properly...  So waiting for that.. meanwhile two more projects to be done within the week.. AND , my daughter's finals coming up... So busy days ahead ...

Managed to finish the ring with a few more details.. I first roughly painted the ring with a beige. Then added a few dabs of brown to give an aged feel. Sandpapered the surface to a smooth finish - and the end result was a lovely distressed look. 

Then I added flowers in a relief style over the earlier flower impressions. Studded with stones. Also added light green leaves. Also touched up the edges of the flowers with Bronze metallic paint and the leaves with copper tones.. 

Here is a slightly more close-up view. I sealed the ring with Ren Wax . Happy with the matte look, yet with a  slight sheen .
Cold Porcelain handmade Jewelry


  1. Hello Swapna! Greeting al the way from Singapore. Been trying to email you but could not find your email address. That's a lovely ring you did.


    1. Hello Zee..Thank you. Your comment reached my e-mail address. If you give me your address, I will get in touch with you.


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