Two Sets , Custom Made

The past ten days seemed like a life-time !! I had a custom order, which was not the tough part. My daughter had her finals , and teaching a very restless 7 year old is no fun..

The best part of the past ten days were the distraction of making the two sets .. It was for a teenager, but something she could wear for years yet ...

The first one is a lovely sandstone necklace with the stones shaped like discs. I teamed them with spheres in acrylic, with lines running across. I also managed to find German silver spacers with lines running vertically.

The second necklace was in ruby red , with German silver leaf shaped spacers in an antique gold finish. I glossed up both necklaces with a coat of Ren wax. Just seemed to make the stones and the metals shine a bit extra.

Meanwhile, teaching art has started me itching to renew my painting also.. I wonder how I will manage all the things. I really have to find better time management skills !! 

And worse, I have managed to undo all the progress I had made for the clean-up in these past 10 days.. ! Now I have to start again and organize my space before I really start on any kind of work. !!

Does this happen to you? I really do mess up my work space when I am busy... :P 


  1. Love both the sets . Wanted to know what is Ren wax and where is it available ?

    And to answer your question , my work space is beginning to look a little unkempt too and very soon I think it will go back to what it was like if I don`t clear the table top :(

    1. Thanks, Pallavi.. Ren Wax is Renaissance wax and and it is a great substitute for varnish. It is only available via Amazon or some of the online sites. Yet to find a place it is sold , in India.

  2. very pretty! I bet she will enjoy these for years to come

  3. Love the jewelry sets. And yes, my table looks like an explosion when I'm working. I try to make it tidy before I finish for the day.

    1. Thanks, Jo.. Hmm.. tidying up at the end of the day, is a good idea... Sometimes, I leave stuff unfinished and it is impossible to get back to it... :P . Need to change that !!


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