Inspiring Artist : Meire Bari

My fascination with Cold porcelain started in earnest after seeing the creations of Meire Bari. While I was checking out Cold porcelain, I had seen a tutorial by Meire Bari on Youtube, for making Cold Porcelain. But it was not just her creativity that blew me away, but also her style of giving that 'country art' feel to the colors of her creations too...

Her work is often featured in the Biscuit magazine. She has a website with a shop that sells a lot of cold porcelain starter kits, tools, molds and tutorials. 

This is one of my favorites  from her creations.. the distressed background, the shabby and worn clothes on the scare crow, every careful detail and the matt finishing is just perfect... This is her facebook page .. Check out her latest work and let me know if you agree with me ... 


  1. Her creations are darling. Very cute! I want to hug the elephant!!!

    1. True, Jo..her work brings out the warmest feelings ..


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