One Order , Varied Designs...

Getting busy making the sets ready for the big order .. I had two pre-made necklaces which I thought would fit this order because they are for girls in their teens...

So for two orders,  I had earrings made ...and then I have been working on complete sets of earrings and necklaces.. I have tried to make each of them unique so that even if gifted to the same person, she would not feel like she had similar stuff ..

The first set was vibrant orange faceted rondelles with Amber and Gold glass beads . I added antique gold coated German silver findings to give the beads the proper lift. Made matching drop earrings .

The next set was about showcasing beautiful glass beads in blue and antique gold , with antique coated spacers made of German silver. It somehow reminds me of ancient Egypt, though I fail to see the connection !! 

And of course I decided to include this lovely lamp-work necklace . Just made the earrings to complete the set. Though two sets are blue, I would say they are as apart in style as chalk and cheese !... which is precisely how I like my creations to be.. 

More sets coming up soon.. I just do not want to be overwhelmed and rushed when I I paced myself to give ample time and think and work on the order. So far, so good, I think.. so what do you say?


  1. They are all so pretty....I'm especially partial to the blues.

    1. Thanks Jo..there are so many shades of blue too ! :)

  2. Beautiful sets ! I love the and antique gold necklace . It really does have I think does have an Egyptian look , maybe because of the color blue . I have seen the use of blue gemstones in a lot of their jewelry .

    1. Thanks Pallavi... My sister said it reminded her of Arabian Nights... ! so I guess there is something about that set :)


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