More Inspiring Artists : Meeting With The Columbus Polymer Clay Guild .

There are a lot of clay groups on facebook. And I had been following a few . Once our trip to USA was decided, I realised that one of the group I was following, was the Columbus Polymer Clay Guild and I was going to live the major part of a month in Columbus... ..but I had just a day's chance to meet the members since they would meet on the second thursday of every month.

So... I decided to try for an invite. And within no time, the reply came back in affirmative. I was just ecstatic. A few days later I got another message from a member, Steve Winland who asked me to carry along a few of my own pieces, that I could show the members. !! That was a bit daunting...I knew the calibre of the it was a tough thing for someone inherently shy, like me..but this was a chance like no other...

And so, May 14th, I duly presented myself at the venue..and was immediately put at ease by the very friendly Vicky, whose full name I never caught. And then one by one the other members started arriving..and most of them did not look surprised at my presence. Then I found out that it had been announced at the previous meeting, that an artist would be coming from India, on a visit...

The meeting commenced with a showing of the members' various works. Then they invited me to show the pieces I had with me, and explain about them.. they were so casual that it did not feel like I was in the midst of  strangers. 

There was an amazing demonstration by Nicole Willis  on caning techniques. The ladies gave many of their spectacular pieces to be photographed. 

 I could not make up my mind on which piece I liked the best.. !
 The lovely ladies !! The very talented Carole Smithers was so warm and friendly, she wanted a picture with me.. :)

And Beth Curan, who I later learned, was the President of the Columbus Polymer Clay Guild, gave me a token of her own creation to take home...

So at the end of a beautiful 2 hours, I came away, thrilled no end, and also feeling blessed to meet such brilliant creative people many of them at once.. it was overwhelming... !!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip and I'm sure they were so happy to have you as their guest! So you were in Columbus Ohio? Was this your first trip to the states?

    1. It was a great trip , Yeah my sister and hubby are there right I stayed with them. It was my first time to the States.

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