A Few Gifts And Relocation Woes

The much longed - for relocation to my home town has been slow going... Thankfully our daughter is all settled in her new school . But having to cramp stuff that was spread out in our 3 bedroom home with a customised work space , to one bedroom for the time being, is not exactly helping my creative side...

Added to this situation are health issues that had been part of me for a while and have suddenly flared to troublesome levels... I have had to hold off a few orders  ..So far I have just been doing a few pieces as gifts. A couple of earrings for young achievers in the family and an earring and necklace set to welcome a new bride .

Swardaa by Swapna Dinesh
The first pair of earrings are asymmetric in part.  I used eye catching lovely gold and blue glass beads and used matching gold tinted accents and blue crystals.

But I mixed up the combinations to give it a bit of interest.
Swardaa by Swapna Dinesh
I chose antique gold colored filigree  beads for the next one..and added metal accents in the same shade and also dark blue dyed and faceted agate stones.

Swardaa by Swapna DineshThe necklace was done in amber beads.. usually I team up amber with gold or shades of copper..but this time I decided to give it some contrast and accented them with chunky black metal beads.

The earrings are just simple drops accented lightly and on hoops.

There is plenty to do in organizing my supplies and a work space. Right now it seems like a daunting

But I plan to atleast keep doing a few small projects so I would not feel completely out of it...


  1. Love your projects! Unpacking is very daunting. But on the other hand it's kind of fun to set up your stuff in a new space too.

  2. Thank you, Jo..and so sorry for not replying for so long... It has been crazy here ...


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