Onam Celebrations

It has been a month and a half since my last post...!!! Unbelievable how time just flies.. I have made a makeshift work station for now.. The biggest issue is storage of my supplies... Anyway I will adjust with what I have for now...while dreaming and planning for my dream work space.

we celebrated Onam well this year.. It has been the best Onam in ages .. The first one that our daughter got to be with her parents and grand parents,.. And stayed at one house long enough to put floral designs all ten days of the festival..

The pookalam or the floral carpet we designed a put for our resident's association competition... Quite a few people, predominantly, the ladies and children

got together the night before and cleaned and separated the petals. We finished the design in two and half hours..and we got the second price too!!

On the tenth day, we took items for the feast and went to have it with my grandmother at our ancestral home.

Now the school has reopened and life, hopefully will get back to normal...


  1. I had to look up Onam b/c I have not heard of that before. It sounds like a really fun time!


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