Accessories To Match An Ensemble...

It is not very often that I get the urge to make jewelry that match an outfit...mostly , in my case, it is the other way around.. I acquire, or lately make jewelry, and I mostly get outfits that compliment rather than exactly match the piece..or I even have more than a few outfits that go with my favourite necklace or earrings...

This particular instance, I had gone out to get a nice outfit to wear for a very dear and cute nephew's first birthday..

It was a beautiful ethnic style kurtha in black with some antique copper gold print...and I found these wild and vibrant patialas in blues and green with black accents on them...

With a lovely closed collar, a necklace would not have done much I decided to do an earring to tie the whole look of ethnic with the wild colours.

I got out some beautiful antique gold coloured filigree beads. And teamed it with green and blue translucent beads interspersed with some opaque jet crystals... Pretty simple design actually !! But it was a fun exercise ..

So do all of you pick your jewelry, or the outfits?



  1. These earrings look so cute and pretty! Loved the colors and assembly!!

  2. I buy the clothes then make the jewelry to match. It's a handy pet to have, that ability to make jewelry to match your outfits.


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