Miniature Snail In Cold Porcelain

It was just last week that I finally took out my Cold Porcelain supplies. Unlike my beautiful studio back in Chennai, my work space is a table top where every supply I have would vie for space.. so I have to be careful to keep a lot of my stuff away.

I use a foil covered container to dry some of my smaller creations..The whole lot of tools in the transparent container were gifted to me by Meire generous...!!

I sculpted the little guy by hand...decided to add the colours later... Finally have a handle on how to get the delicate shading I so adore..and the country style look... This is how he looks after the Cold Porcelain was totally cured.

I used a skin colour for the base coat for the snail and then gave accents in yellow, orange, brown and a very faint green. I also gave light blue irises for the eyes.

This is a collage of the snail from various sides..

As a child I used to love collecting stuff like this..I used to have two very cute mice that came along with a picnic basket , mat, cutlery and dishes. Wonder where that disappeared to !

Now, being able to craft stuff that I adore is even better ..

This tiny guy is just an inch tall..



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