Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Copper All The Way....

To date, I have only worked with copper , and jewelry wire in silver...not the real thing !! There is something about copper wire that just gives me that warm feeling ...

I like the dark patina on the copper wires too...especially the ones that come from being exposed to LoS. Though so far, I have not been too fond of the bluish green patina... In Malayalam, we call it 'claavu' and anything with that,especially, in my Grandma's opinion, was considered to be a sign of not caring enough about about your possessions to keep them shiny and polished like new..so maybe that is why I find myself none too enthusiastic about it !

I made a ring and decided to accent it with Cold Porcelain. I had it done for my daughter... And this time, to my surprise she wanted a flower in blue !! Not the usual pink, purple or even yellow!!

I was actually thinking of a sky blue, because it would match a couple of her outfits..but as I was checking out my paints, this pastel blue-green caught my eye and I decided to go with that...


I also decided to accent the flower with copper tones..


The ring, is double coiled, of 20 gauge copper wire. Handformed Cold porcelain flower. Tinted a pastel blue-green . I have seen stones that shops claimed, were turquoise in this color..but have not been able to tell if they were indeed real.

I used copper toned seed beads for the centre. Gave the rims of each petal a touch of copper paint . And also dotted the center of the flower with sunshine yellow to let it pop.


And so here is the sweet little hand adorned by the ring....Seems like I am over the block for the time being...



  1. Wire with cold porcelain is a great idea, hoping to see more designs from you

    1. Thanks Divya... Nice to hear from you...😊