Twisted ring with Cold Porcelain Focal

Dress rings are a rage now...that single ring that sometimes stands in for literally no jewelry except for this one big, sometimes ostentatious piece.

It is not a look that everyone can carry off with élan.... Especially those having delicate hands and fingers should make sure that the ring is not so huge , that it looks more like a weight, than the perfect adornment.

Also, it is really important that a dress ring is worn alone..not with any other pieces of jewelry to detract from the effect.

It was the first big ring that I was making...but I wanted to keep it a reasonable size. First I made the ring which was double stranded. As I started straightening the wire and forming the ring, I decided to twist the two strands, instead of plain double coils...finally fixed the twists by hammering it evenly and closing the coils.

The focal piece was done with Cold Porcelain... ( no surprise there !!) I used a star shaped cutter, and slowly manipulated into a very light dome shape. I did leave the center portion thicker that the edges .so it would add to the dome effect.

Before it cured, I added tiny grooves in the points of the star, as well as a tiny dent in the centre to fix the stones. Tear- shaped ones to the sides, as well as a tiny white one in the centre .

Added some high lights and low lights to give some depth to the piece.



  1. Beautifully done! I have small hands so large stone rings don't look good. I'm sure people think my engagement ring is 'chintzy' cause it's small but anything larger would be weird.

    1. I have chunky fingers, myself, but I always love to see delicate fingers adorned with lovely delicate rings....


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