Cold Porcelain Miniature Bird - WIP

Usually, I like to post the finished work along with the work in progress. And I do not have more than one project in progress, even when it is more practical to do so, in the case of Cold Porcelain.

This time I tried to manage time more efficiently, by having more than one piece started. With air dry clay, we have to wait patiently to add the finishing touches to any project.

I sculpted a miniature bird . I asked my friends to suggest some colour combinations for the bird, even if they are bizarre ones !


So this is my miniature feathered creation. I am happy with the sculpt, but whether the finished product will do as well, depends on how well the colouring goes. I was sure I could post the finished pics within two days..but a lot of things do not go according to plan these days. Nearly done, but not quite!!



  1. I'd love to see a colourful bird with different coloured plumage!

    1. I have started with a will see where it goes from there .. 🐦😊


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