Chandelier Earrings

Making jewelry in bulk is beyond me. Every piece I make has to be thought over and over, and while executing, it may yet undergo a big change, making it totally different from when I started out.


Sometimes, I keep components for ages, before I am satisfied that I have found that perfect fit of parts. Working with Cold porcelain is another way, that I can craft that missing something, from scratch.

In this instance, the first thing I had, were the spiral designed gold tinted findings. I had bought a large haul of a variety of findings. In antique, Gold as well as silver findings. The next were the lovely malachite beads, cuboid shaped. These were a gift from my sis because I just love Malachite. I am not usually a fan of green, but I just love the natural markings on the malachite stones.

And finally, just recently, a cousin, visiting from Australia bought me an assortment of beads and findings with the triangular connectors.

It then a matter of playing mix and match, and the spiral pattern on the connectors, just called to the findings. It felt like the puzzle just fit together perfectly. The findings on the earrings were bought more than two years ago !


I have the rest of the malachite beads now to work with. But it could be some time before I am happy with using them.



  1. They are beautiful. Malachite is a gorgeous stone and looks great with the gold.


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