The Disappearance of Blogsy App

I was just getting really comfortable with the Blogsy App through which we could update our post on Blogger via the iPad, when it completely disappears.!!

It took a while for me for me to understand why the app was not working at all ! It was gone from the App Store . Phew!

In those days, I was really busy with a lot of our family members visiting.

In between, I just noticed a glitch, but since it did not work when I tried, I left it at that !
And then I had to hunt for a replacement, an app called BLOGO. It is user friendly, but I am not someone who likes to keep trying things that have to do with technology.

Anyway, let us see how this goes..there is a backlog of stuff to work on, both for blogging, and others. It is nearly December. An year in a wink. But atleast a few respectable pieces to show for it, even though I sat twiddling my thumbs till the work space was done.

Hopefully all my posts will be done ASAP.


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