#Earringchallenge Weeks 5 to 12

It is the week 13 into the earrings challenge, and I have managed to post a piece, albeit by the skin of my teeth, a couple of times. I have seen a few people do the same, but this was just a personal challenge to see if i can stick to something for a whole year ! The only thing that I found vexing, is when I have projects that have totally different supplies out, it is tough to switch to jewelry supplies every few days in that tiny work spaces. It takes a lot of organisation, and a juggling to keep all of the stuff in that same space.

So here are the earrings in random order, weeks 5 to 10.

It has been fun to make them as varied as possible. I had repeat orders, and it is never easy for me to get multiples of the same. Mainly because I do buy my supplies in variety rather than bulk.

Few days ago, I did get an order for multiples, and thankfully, I had enough of everything to get them done, Also it was ordered before I put away the supplies. So that was a breeze ! Almost makes me want to do all of the elements myself!

These are the earrings of week 11 and 12. The frames are ready made. But they have both been popular designs.
I am getting more orders on variations of the above designs. But they will be limited editions because I do not believe in making things in bulk. The whole point of handcrafting many of my elements is so that it cannot be available elsewhere.

It is vacation time for my daughter, and I find that it is tougher to stick to a schedule, than it was when it was her exams ! The next few weeks of sticking to the challenge, is going to be.... yup, Challenging !!

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