Birds Of A Feather

It has been five months nearly, since my last post. As I was nearing my birthday in September, there was this feeling of ennui, and an for renewal.
I decided to join some sewing classes, though it is really not a joyous process where I am concerned! But the people I met there became good friends, on a similar creative bend, and their company was a great joy.

I also made a  time share arrangement of the space to conduct my art workshops. And again,it became the ground to meet some really interesting folk.

It has been but a few weeks, and it feels like I have known some of them forever. It has been a chain reaction of sorts, and has led into an even bigger opportunity, to learn something that has been my dream for a couple of decades now!
What THAT is,I will reveal by and by. Here too, meeting people with similar tastes and passion for art, discussions and sharing experiences, it has been a truly amazing couple of weeks ...

Meanwhile, for my workshop, I started with Warli art, and plan to introduce other folk art like Madhubani, Kalamkari - mainly the motifs on that, since the original style cannot be done through workshops, and different mediums like charcoal art .

A few pics of theWorkshop


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