First Post Of 2019 !


February is nearly over, and here I am with the first post of this year! It has been productive this far, in terms of learning a style of art that I wanted to, for so long. The traditional style of Kerala mural art.

Here is a sneak peek at the one I am doing. The experience has been so rewarding! Being in the company of people who share similar passions, who speak the same language, understand the daily struggles ...

The greatest blessing was that we got someone so gifted in the art to instruct us.. especially since it was exactly what I had been seeking for more than 2 decades!!

The rest of my work as been a bit slow, but with a few orders already, I will have that side of things ticking along too..

I am at that stage where shutting down self-doubt has become a bit easy..of course it must have to do with being on this path for more than 7 years, and knowing that this is where I want to be.

So will be soon posting the projects I have completed so far.


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