Greetings !

I am Swapna Dinesh, a Keralite from India. Welcome to my site, Swardaa.  Swardaa is derived from Sanskrit, and it means ‘Gifting Heaven’.

This website is about my personal journey of creativity, exploring various styles and mediums, the results of my experiments annd both triumphs and failures.

I  blog about other artists around the globe, who inspire me . And I also post links of the tutorials of various artists and jewelry designers, after having tried them out ,and posting my experience of following the tutorials, and the output.

My creations are mixed media.  Personalized artworks are my favourite things to gift, and I make a variety of jewelry, handcrafted cold porcelain sculptures, and plaques and also mixed media canvases. I also do customized versions of all of these, for clients. My Facebook page, also named Swardaa, is where the majority of my clients usually find me. A personal message can help me make customized products with no added charges.

Other ways to contact me is via email . You can also follow me on my instagram.

Thank you, for visiting. Hope you find my work interesting. I would love to know your thoughts and opinions of the same through your valuable comments.