Monday, 8 January 2018

An Earring Challenge, And A Week Into 2018 !

Already a week has flown by, and felt like we wished each other a Happy New Year, just moments ago!
I am not one to start a year by making resolutions, that I fail to remember by year end. Been there, done that.

My goal is just to have productive days , and just tune in to peace. I have been doing a whole lot of the latter, by weeding out people who just seem to thrive on negativity. Not always easy to avoid, but be as scarce as possible around that company.

I am also making an effort to connect with people who mean so much to me. I realise that there are quite a few than I had thought! It was great getting in touch with old classmates and teachers and just walking down memory lane, for our school's alumni meet, last month.

Recently, I had decided to just put my work out there, even the ones that I was not really happy with. Quite a lot of my experimenting stuff gets trashed or broken up and reworked. Even if I do ultimately rework the designs, I have decided to record those too, so as to chalk them up to lessons learnt, mainly on what not to do !

The toughest thing in my current situation, is that same problem anyone who works from home, faces! You may have a dedicated space to work in, but there are numerous callers at home, many who never get the fact that disrupting the creative mode is painful, and sometimes to get back into that state, is not easy at all. This is beside the time alotted to family, cooking, daily chores, adjusting my creative time to accomodate shedules of everyone in the house, welcoming guests and relatives, and looking after my daughter's needs. It is sometimes a miracle that I have anything left to spark my creativity, but stubbornly clinging to spending time in my space, atleast 5 days a week, is what I have been trying to stick to, even if that means just rearranging my supplies, or going through my notes and such.

To mark the New Year, I have taken up a challenge on Instagram, to make a pair of earring each week, so by the end of 2018, hopefully, I will have 52 new earrings to show. ! A pair of earrings per week does not sound too daunting, but just this past week, is enough to indicate how days just meld into each other!

I am happy the first pair of earrings, made from handmade Cold porcelain elements. I just hope all of the successive earrings are on par with these, if not better. I will certailnly strive to make them so.

It was certainly a great start with my little sis and brother in law, here. Nothing like loved ones to make the days brighter. I also hope to get back to painting. Instead of always going for big pieces which take a long time planning, and somehow I do not end up doing anything but the preliminary sketches, concept and colours. I plan to do a few watercolour and acrylics on paper too.. I just love the soft watercolours done with one strokes and such. It has been ages since I did any !

Speaking of big paintings, I have currently started one, that will take a considerable amount of time to complete ! It is going to be a mixed media piece, with acrylic paints, and I had to decide on pointillism technique, of all !! Anyway, once I started on it, it seems like that is the correct fit, and so far, I do like how it is taking shape !

Sometimes, I do feel like I cannot do things the easy way ! But it is fun, and a bit therapeutic too ! So I cannot wait to see how it will look finally .

There are a few more goals I have set for myself, but mainly, I just want to make each day count. Hopefully, the rest will fall in place.

Monday, 1 January 2018


The highlight of the year was my participation in the international collaboration of polymer clay and mixed media artists.

I had prepared rather a big post, but some technical glitch made it impossible to post it onto my blog. Hence, I am just making it a brief one, with just a few pics to wind up the year!

Good moments connecting with friends and family, time out seeing new places, and trying to mkae each day count. Hope the coming year, is more of the same, and realising a few goals along the way.

A very Happy 2018 to all. !

Friday, 6 October 2017

Wire work - Earrings, and ring

I love wire work. A large part of my time was spent on brushing up my wire work skills, but I have still a long way to go with the weaves. But it has been great to make pieces of jewelry from just wire, as well as incorporating beads in them.

The earrings are made with two different coils.

The ring was made following an online tutorial . The link is here for Boho Chic copper ring.

I did tweak it a bit and did not coil the ends as much as shown in the tutorial.

This ring was a simple twisted ring with seed beads on silver colur wire. I left the ends open so it could be adjusted if necessary.

I had a single turquoise stone and I used 21 gauge wire to do a herring bone weave to frame it. So far, I have not come up with a design to incorporate it..but I am leaning towards a bracelet, so far. Any suggestions?

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Updates - a bit of resin

Unbelievable ! It has been 5 months to the day since I last posted, and it was not for dearth of things to post either..!!

Life has just been hectic with all three of us siblings, our mom, daughter and my husband having our birthdays, two sight- seeing trips, and a hospital stay for our dad! So it has been a few months of life as usual !

In between, I have made a few pieces of jewelry, worked with clay, and after my initial tryst with trying resin a couple of years ago, and not finding it much to my taste.

Recently though, I have been having ideas of combining the resin with some of my Cold porcelain projects and I ordered the resin again. So far, the couple of pieces I tried have worked the way I want them to.

I made a miniature cold porcelain flower, tinted a few drops of resin green, added it to micro beads and resin to depict a flower in a green meadow.

Not perfect, but I like the fact that I can make my own inclusions, apart from the normal paints, glitters and microbeads..

Time will tell, but I think that I may have better luck with resin this time around!

Friday, 5 May 2017

My contribution to INTO THE FOREST -2017

I was added to a closed group called Into The Forest by my friend and talented artist Leila Bidler. It took a couple of posts, before I realised that the members, which had almost all the stalwarts of the clay world, and other mixed media artists, were invited to participate in a collaborative mixed-media art installation !

It started as a combined effort of three artists, Laura Tabakman, Emily Squires Levine, and Julie Eakes. As mentioned in the blog,
The initial result was INTO THE FOREST: Early Growth, an installation at Park Towne, a mid-century historically certified apartment complex in Philadelphia. From the exhibit program, “The immersive installation, made specifically for Park Towne Place, is reminiscent of a grove of aspen trees. The handmade forms mimic nature without attempting to retreat it. Certain elements are pleasantly exaggerated, such as the leaves made from translucent clay. Allowing for creative departures, the artists’ styles complement one another as an environment is created that blurs the line between natural and man-made.”

It all began in the August of 2015 You may read about the history here. Since then, Laura suggested that the istallation be given a wider scope, and make it a collaboration of artists on a global level. The invite was for clay and mixed media artists to contribute flora and fauna to make the forest.

It seems like there is a representation from almost all the countries, and most of the USA. The final tally is yet to be done!

As for my humble contribution, I made two types of mushrooms, and two variety of leaves. For the mushrooms, I tried to go for ones that were not common to me.

The first one I made, was the Sparassis mushroom, commonly known as the Cauliflower mushroom. I made small ones, on a rock, the rock, and the moss are also clay , over a thermocol form. A few more of the fungi have been made. they can be attached together to form a whole big mushroom, or left in pieces.

The second , i was just going for some shade of mushroom , that was not the usual red caps, or creamy, off-white ones. I settled for yellow, and I loved a few that grew in bunches, but had these cute sort of indents in the middle. And I dotted shades of brown, for added interest. Given below, are the results of my online search, that inspired me.

Next came the leaves, and I made a few green leaves, but gave them parallel veins. The next were some pinkish leaves with yellow markings, that were a memory from our childhood. Those leaves flanked the gate of my mother's ancestral home, where we spent some great vacations. The actual leaves were much longer and thinner. But I was not sure if they would survive the trip from India to Pittsburg Pennsylvania in one piece. So I made them shorter and a bit wider. But the pink hue, is exact, if my memory serves me right.

And the whole set

The whole installation will be open to the public in November. This is the invite.

I will be posting the progress of the installation, as we are updated of the same..

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Miniature Cold Porcelain House - The Process

March of 2017 already ! One thing I wanted to do this year, was make more pieces that would challenge me. I started with a tiny base, and shaped up a piece of clay, in the most basic for of a house.

I first tried various positions for the house and then added some steps and cobble stones. I speckled the clay with bits of dark grey and black paint flecks (scraping a dried paint palette before washing, works!) after tinting it grey.

I decided to add some grey and black microbeads too, to give it some rough texture.

I added a very thin layer of dark greenish - grey clay as the roof, and textured it to make it resemble roof tiles/ shingles. Added a tiny rhinestone for window glass and Brown clay as window frame , and door. I also made a big urn style flower pot, with

The next step, was adding the moss, ivy, hedges long leaves to fill the pot. Mainly used ball tools and silicon tips for texturing.
Then added miniature mushrooms with white clay for stalks, and red for the caps. Added white dots on the cap.

Used some chalk pastels for shading. They are half pastels, and a single pastel is about an Inch long ! So you can have an idea of the size of the miniature.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Assymetric Earrings, And Updates.

After a post in the beginning of the year, I have lagged with posts. It is not that there has been nothing to post about, but I have been on an attempt to get healthier. Finishing the third phase of my Ayurvedic treatment.

Finally rid of nearly a decade and more of swollen joints, water retention, perpetual pain, a bloated body and weight gain! Well, not yet there with the last aspect, but hopefully now, weight loss measures will not end up being futile !

Anyway, with the treatment and resting that is mandatory, I had not been able to do a lot of work, but I still have something to show

These are some earrings I did out of marbled clay. Totally hand shaped and loved the assymetry of the designs. I did not want to tamper too much with them, so just gave thrm tiny silver floral accents and ear wires.

Another pair I made, this time the beads came assymetric, and i just teamed them up with some tiny wooden beads and golden accents.