Inspiring Artist : Afsaneh Tajvidi....

Some artists just grab your attention from the get-go, while some take time getting used, to , and then it is like a revelation...just tuning into their creativity...

Afsaneh Tajvidi is the former kind... her creations, be it jewelry, clay work, her illustrations , are all just so stunning.... and her styling sense and photography are works of art too... !!

She is a Canadian artist , of Iranian descent , and the moment I landed on her blog, I was hooked... !. I would describe her style as soft, and utterly feminine...there is a grace and a sweetness in her work, and the few times I have chatted with her on Facebook, makes me think that that reflects who she is, as a person too...

She has an Art Blog called Joojoo.

Animal alphabet in progress

As you can see..this is the cutest Vulture that I have ever seen... and he stars in the Alphabet series she is doing....  Afsaneh also shares some easy recipes and glimpses of her home n this blog...

And if you are not interested in any of the a fore mentioned things,  you can still go through the blog just to see some fabulous photographs...

Crystal . Love

I know that I was driven to improve my picture taking skills after I started following her blog...!!

Her clay snails are really cute and she has an Etsy shop. Just click on the link for her blog and all the info is there..

Just looking at her pics lifts my spirit... And I really need it now because the stalling, and formalities over my camera has been extended to another week..

Meanwhile I am thinking of trying out Instagram..have any of you used it? what say you?


  1. Those snails are adorable! So is the vulture!

  2. Dear Swapna,

    Thanks a lot for this lovely blog post about me. You make me blush! You are so kind! Big big hugs and kisses! xoxo :o)


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