7th Birthday and a handmade gift

7th July is a special date for us. Our daughter was born that day, SEVEN years ago....

We usually celebrate her birthdays at our parent's home in Kerala with all of our relatives...but this year, having lost our uncle, we decided to keep it low - key . So my parents came to us in Chennai....

She has a lot of thoughtful uncles, aunts and cousins, not to mention doting grand parents ... so her gifts started arriving in June itself..

And the rest were sent with my parents . So the final tally was pretty good :)... I guess at this age, they do look forward to their next Birthdays,  as soon as one is over ...!

My folks bought her a birthday dress...which absolutely matched the little surprise gift that I had made for her...

I had a  plain ring that fit her finger . SO fashioned a bed of green leaves over it. Then made a flower with the petals slightly large.

Made the fairy separately. She is actually kneeling, though that is not evident. I made her dress resemble rose petals and a collar of green.

Gave her long brown hair and tiny white wings, with a touch of sparkle .

Since my camera is under warranty , and the damaged part was not in stock, I have been taking pics on the mobile... NOT my comfort zone.. I like to stick to electronic items that I am used to...!!

Yet to get a decent pic of my daughter modelling the ring.... She loved it.. Her favorite colours, a ring and a tiny fairy too...


  1. Childhood birthdays are always the best ones in life! Glad she had a great one! :)

    1. Absolutely true.. we really try hard to make it a happy occasion for her... :)


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