I have good news and bad news....!!

The camera is a total write off, but since it is in the warranty period, the shop will have to reimburse us , or replace the camera.

But there are a lot of formalities and procedures..so it may take a few more days before we hear anything from them... !!

I am no good with taking pics on a mobile phone.. come to think of it, the pics from my camera were not so spectacular either..haha...

Anyway, after waiting so many days, I have decided that I will wait the few more days and post pics with my new camera... if things go as planned ,fingers crossed...

Meanwhile, I have made 3 rings in copper wire, and a couple of earrings with silver and acrylic beads.

I have got an order of another copper wire earring pair and a necklace..

So have been sketching out a few ideas.

Am trying not to let the delay get to me.. and to make more so that I will have a lot of work to post by the time I get the camera.

Also planning to visit a few blogs that I have been following...


  1. I feel your pain on the camera thing. I'd be lost w/o mine too. Hope you get it back soon!

    1. So far I have had no luck... they have managed to drag it out yet another week.. sigh...


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