Featured ..!! August 2013 edition of the Bead Chat Magazine...

Today began with the best news I have had in a while... !! Two of my creations have been featured in the Bead Chat Magazine... !

The Pearl bracelet I made for my mom was featured in Hollywood Glam  and the Cold Porcelain piece with the mirror, Flower and snail, in the Garden category...

This was my experiment to try and color Cold Porcelain in the fascinating 'Country' style. HERE is the link to the original post .

And another thing is that I FINALLY got my camera... a new one . I opted for Canon because it is something I am used to..Hopefully, my picture taking skills will improve somewhat...! 

That is for you to judge, though... 

For now, I am just thrilled my work was included in this magazine.. I will post the link in the sidebar ..I am sure all of you will enjoy the brilliant pieces featured there ...I was blown away... another of my favorites, Donna Millard's work has been featured in it ..

Aaaaand....here is the badge ...:)


  1. Congratulations! That's quite a feather in your cap! Tell me more about your camera as I'm in the market for one myself.


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