Silver inclusions and Beads - SHAPES !..

I like gold jewelry, which I think is the norm for any girl who hails from Kerala... But for me, gold is more for occasions.. a wedding or similar grand functions. And for that I mostly prefer the very traditional - read ancient styles, teamed with the timeless sarees like Kanjeevaram.

When I dress up for any other functions, I prefer semi precious stones and beads, accented with silver or copper.. And I love the look of oxidized silver.. I feel it gives a regal look to jewelry. Here are a couple of pieces I made last week..with silver accents.

When I bought the rectangular Silver inclusions, I had the idea of using them in a necklace. But when it was time, I just had to make earrings out of them.. The multifaceted stone beads, and the semi - sphere of the end links, just appeal to me .

The bracelet has another shape of beads - flat, round,not lentil shaped, though... I call them disc shaped, but that description is also not very accurate. Added to that , the mix of some 4 shades of green...

So I just make simple individual links and then teamed them up with seemingly square shaped, silver inclusions . A good pairing, I'd say...


  1. I love the earrings! i prefer silver to gold myself.


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