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I am not so good at blog design, but I do love trying out some of the hundreds of really lovely tutorials out there.
I love Pinterest and there are many instances where I wish there was a Pin it button on a blog.

So after seeing quite a few tutorials, I decided to add a Pin -it button to all the pictures on my blog.. they are predominantly my own, and where they are not, I have take care to mention and given credit.

This is the link to the tutorial I used and it is fairly easy even to  me. Pinterest Pin It button on Image Hover  from BloggerSentral.

I am planning to put a Pin it button on each of my blog posts too.. as soon as I find a tutorial that is easy enough for me, to follow... !!

As for pics on my blog that belong to others, I have linked the individual pics to the original sources.. I hope that works.. If not, I'll have to make changes ...sigh..!


  1. I had someone from FB pin one of my personal photos on Pinterest w/o asking me. I made her take it down, then I unfriended her. She didn't give me credit either.

    1. Truly get you.. My pics are not awesome, but they are mine... and that is why I always make it a point to mention the name of the person who owns it, and to link wherever I got it from...


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