My Blue pottery - inspired earrings

In my earlier post , I had mentioned the earrings that were featured, inspired by Blue pottery of Jaipur.  So here they are ..!!


The decided to use the cold porcelain without tinting . The first pair of earrings, I decided to shape into long , but fairly similar shards of pottery . I kept them white and just drew the cobalt blue designs that are predominant on white pottery.. similar designs on corresponding sides . Here the earrings above show one view of each side . 

The next pair of earrings are made of short , squat beads, that are cylindrical in shape and formed by hand.
These are colored with a vague floral motif , but mimic the blue, yellow and hints of black.

I used small white discs to give a lift and multi-faceted , double shaded beads below. The ear hooks are German silver.

Tried out a new varnish..sadly it had a very light tint of yellow. So the pristine white of the cold porcelain does look a bit marred in the first pair. Have to keep that in mind next time..


  1. Love them both, but I think the first pair is my fave!

    1. Thanks.. :) I am planning to make a few more of those in different shapes..They are more recognizable as similar to blue pottery , I guess...

  2. I do like your cold porcelain earrings! Sorry it took so long for me to get over to your blog!!

    1. No worries, Cynthia.. the Bead Chat Mags just gets better and better ...:D


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