A New Year !!

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Another year older ..and the past one has been very eventful . Ups and downs abounded..

We faced a few situations where we were made to realize how very precious and fragile the people in our lives are ... my dad and husband falling ill, losing a beloved uncle unexpectedly... having to cope with the pain and void he left behind in all of our lives..and still struggling with that , months later..

On the other side, I have been finding long -lost friends and cementing friendships... new friends whom I have never met from various parts of the world, sharing a common interest in creativity..The absolute pleasure of exploring my own creativity and sharing it with others... I feel that I have ticked a few of my personal goals ..

And my birthday gifts have been unexpected and very very special, from my husband and Sis -in -Law.. and the sheer number of handmade cards from my little one, along with her usual bracelet and necklace gift ..:)  Also more than a hundred people wished me via Facebook and private mail and calls..  I feel happy and loved !!

I am someone who never takes much for granted.. So my resolution for the year to some, is to work harder, appreciate every moment and my dear ones..and feel thankful everyday.. Oh yes!..and to be better and consistent at blogging ...


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hey look me up on Facebook!! :)


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