2014 is here !!

Another year is here .. bringing with it , a renewed energy,  a big purging of negativity , and a huge dollop of hope ... !

I usually list out a lot of resolutions.. on a New Year, and end up reading it out , the end of the year , and laughing out loud at most of them..

SO this year, I decided to keep it simple.. just do a bit better than the year before...

..things that were unplanned, and rewarding, have happened the year before.. all I did was follow my heart and do the things I loved most..

So this year, I know the way a bit better ... and will wait to see what  happens. Meanwhile, here is the last piece I did in 2013.

A necklace with lamp work beads, that reminded me of honey and vanilla..with sprinklings of crystals and seed beads...

Wish you all a fabulous 2014...


  1. I thought of caramel and vanilla ice cream...one of my faves! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Simply Beautifull ...... Love the necklce :)


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