A re-design

I was asked by a fellow blogger friend if I could re-design a necklace she had bought some time back. then it took a few months for her to send it, and for me to get to re-working the necklace.

Actually at first glance,it  is a very common style seen in most fancy stores these days. I have seen every color of these necklaces under the Sun... ! Usually , though they are on seed bead ropes with some really cheap looking gold beads interspersed in between...and even the lockets have those really gold accents..

It was a pleasant change to see a locket with silver accents and some really decent faceted and deep rich red beads.  Great choice.. !

The combination of silver and deep red looked very pleasant. I guess it is time you folks took a look at it...

So  the pic above , is how I got the pendant and beads...And below, I used all the beads, plus really embellished the silver accents , and added a few more seed beads in that lovely shade. So I could make a second layer too, to make it look really ornate. 

The dangles I added on both sides so as to give the pendant a little company and tie it all together.. Now it is all packed and ready to be sent back in a new avatar.

Re-stringing and repair, is a daily task here with my little one taking apart her stuff with regularity. I even have a tiny bag filled with beads and broken bracelets and necklaces, courtesy of my daughter. So it is not something that I usually like to do...

But this was a pleasure.. I think I gave the necklace a new look.. what say you?


  1. Lovely re-design. ! You have indeed turned a simple necklace into a stunner . I`m sure your friend is going to love it !

  2. very pretty, and I image will look spectacular on!

  3. Your reworking of it is gorgeous!

  4. Thank you all, for your encouraging words....


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