A Friendship Beyond "Prize" !!! :D

I started noticing Andrea Victoria Paradiso and her jewelry and sculptures done mainly with Polymer clay, on Facebook , some months ago.. and as is my usual practice, I sent her a message because her work was brilliant, and moved me...

The reply was quite friendly, and a few days later we had a chat..and I was thrilled by the warmth with which she chatted.. I began to look forward to her status updates..and she sure had some really funny ones.. seemed like she has a lot of fun and interesting people for friends too...

And then there was this contest she started, inviting everyone to guess something she had made.. and there were some killer tips.. :P ..by now, knowing Andrea, I knew it could be anything ... !!

But despite some really weird guesses, I hung tough, and made it nearly sane, to the other end... The contest was so much fun, I actually would not have minded if it kept on for long ...

And I made my guess that it was an plant of some aquatic types, which was set inside a glass ... and guess what ...??? - it came close...

 And this is 'IT' - Andrea's Amarylis. ...just spectacular. !! And added to that , was the fact that she so generously decided to announce a winner and then declared the rest of us - about 13 of us who took part in the contest ,as runner ups..and all of us got beautiful jewelry designed and handmade by this beautiful soul.. !!

 This is my prize..and all the others were just as unique and stunning ..!!

It arrived yesterday around 1.00 PM.. yesterday ..and I just knew when the bell rang, that it was my parcel. She also sent me a huge jar of Ren wax , that she ordered online for me.. and sent it along with this package.. I just had to reimburse her for the wax and half of the courier, which was still a steal... 

So this is my bounty..the packaging was so pretty , my daughter wanted the ribbon, and the velvet pouch ...She told me.."Amma u get a pretty necklace.. so I should have the pretty ribbon and the pouch" - not jealous much .. haha...

She did not forget to include the hand written note that I had requested.. 

I just feel enriched for knowing Andrea.. feel like I can show her my creations and get honest opinions..and her warm comments just give me enough heart and courage to keep on trying and work on my creativity.. Now ..the tough question is...what can I offer her in return ??


  1. How special! What a lovely gift from Andrea and what a grateful recipient you were! Such a nice combination! :-)

    1. Hi..Sharyl..Thank you.. And I see that you have really done fabulously, on your clean up..
      Hopefully by Monday , I will post my pics...

  2. My Darling Swapna! If there was anything you could offer me in return for the wonderful time I've had in plotting your prize, packaging it and waiting in anticipation to see your reaction...this beautiful blog post is it! It was more than Bounty itself to have you request me as Friend and have you visit my FB wall. This is too much...you have Tricked This Old Trickster and given her a most awesome Saturday! I do not know what to say...and you know that is a near impossibility! Love you, My Lovely Swapna! Muah!

  3. My Dear Friend Swapna! Everything you could offer in return, you have already done! It was such a supreme pleasure for This Trickster to plot against you all and have you all win...you have no idea! And then to wait with anticipation for all of you to receive you Prizes and get your responses was icing over top of icing on a very rich cake! As for The Game lasting a little longer...well, why not? The Announcement of it's continuation is coming up in a few days...stay tuned because this one will be a real challenge...just like I know you like it! Lolol! Muah, My Dear Friend in India!

  4. Looks like I got my word in twice, after all, Swapna! Lolol!

    1. Yeah.. they were not the same.. and I thought yay.!.more comments for me ...:)


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